MDM-1 FOX - aerobatic glider


Pilot Approval Requirements: The MDM-1 FOX is a dual place, advanced, aerobatic glider and has special pilot requirements - please see the office staff. -All pilots should see Pilot Information Section.

MDM-1 FOX Description

The MDM-1 Fox is a Polish, composite mid-wing two-seater aerobatic glider with fixed undercarriage and conventional tail unit.The Fox, which first flew in 1993, is a development of the single-place aerobatic Swift S 1. The Fox is optimized for aerobatic training with erect and inverted clearance of +9/-6 g with one person and +7/-5 g with two people. The landing gear is fixed, and approach control is assisted by Schempp-Hirth airbrakes. The MDM-1 Fox is a Polish, composite mid-wing two-seater aerobatic glider with fixed undercarriage and conventional tail unit.

Instrument Panels

The simple instrument panel shows that the glider is built and equipped for acrobatic flying.

MDM-1-Fox Instrument Panels - Simple, built for acrobatic flight


See the FOX in Action


ECLG training flight, 2015 Unlimited Known Sequence from eclg on Vimeo.

Raw video of United States Glider Aerobatic Team pilot Eric Lentz Gauthier flying through the 2015 Unlimited Known Sequence in an MDM-1 Fox over Williams, California


This glider is certified in the Aerobatic Category. It has an L/D of 30. Allowable load factors for solo flight +9/-6 G, Gross weight loads of +7/-5 G. Read the manual for complete details about this fully aerobatic glider.

MDM-1 Fox Technical Specifications

Download the MDM-1 Fox Manual (PDF 11MB)

 See manual and weight & balance to verify details for this aircraft

Manufacturer Edward Marganski Span 14.00 m 45.9 ft
Designer E. Marganski, K. Kapinos, H. Gielbaza, B. Adamski Area 12.34 m2 132.8 ft2
Country of origin Poland Aspect Ratio 15.88
Construction Fiberglass Empty weight 345 kg 761 lb.
First Flight 1993 Gross weight 525 kg 1157 lb.
Numbers made   Wing Loading 42.54 kg/m2 8.71 LB/ft2
No. seats 2 L/D 30 126 km/h 30 68 kt
Airfoil NACA 64(1)412 Min. Sink 0.80 m/s 100 km/h 2.62 ft/s 54 kt


  Speed positive G-load Positive Speed Inverted G-load Inverted
Solo Twin Solo Twin
VA (Max. Maneuver speed) 215 km/h 115 kt + 9.0 + 7 215 km/h 115 kt - 6 - 5
VNE (Never Exceed speed) 290 km/h 155 kt ? (+ 7) 290 km/h 155 kt ? (- 5)


The factory polar chart shows the the sink of the glider at particular speeds flown - based on standard gross weight. You should memorize your the speeds to fly and be able to quote them from memory. Where else can you find speeds to fly?

ASH 25 Polar Chart

Weight and Balance

See the MDM-1 Fox manual link above. You must be aware of the weight and balance envelope of the glider you are flying. Know how to add weights as required to stay within the correct moment.

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