Please read carefully, especially step 11 and 12.
Many people do not look for the two emails before attempting to sign in after registration.

  1. CLICK on the REGISTER button in the top right corner of the Browser Page.

  2. User Name - fill in a user name. Include your REAL name or your Name and Glider ID number, in your user name so that other members know who you are. This name must be unique to the forum.
    We delete those users we cannot recognize.

  3. Password: Create a tough password, hackers are lurking. Confirm Your password.

  4. Email: An email address is REQUIRED to register here. Enter your email address, then enter the confirmation. Look for an email from Williams Soaring. you will be sent an email that you MUST reply to. Your reply will come to the Williams Today Admin, and then the final step is that is MUST BE APPROVED before you can post. You will be sent an email once the admin completes the final approval. If you try to sign on before that, you will have LESS privileges and not be able to post.

  5. Question and Answer: This is the "anti robot spam" part of the process. Please answer the question - Read it carefully. The hackers are lurking, and our dumb questions help foil their attempts.

  6. Time Zone: Defaults to GMT -8 which is Pacific Standard Time. You can reset it to your time zone if it is different.

    • DST Correction: the Forum will automatically correct for Daylight Savings time.

  7. Receive Email from Administrators - checked by default - PLEASE LEAVE THIS CHECKED.

  8. Receive Email Other Members - unchecked by default, but why not check it to let your fellow members send you email through the Forum? Your email address is not shared with others unless you set it as open in your profile.

  9. Forum Rules click box I have read the rules, and I agree. It says we can edit and delete anything, and that we want you to play nice, and be polite.

  10. FINISH: Click Complete Registration Button.
  11. AFTER you click Complete Registration you will be sent an "Action Required..." email from 'Williams Today' that you must respond to. This email verifies that the email address you sent to us is real. It has several links, so it may end up in your Junk Mail. You should receive this email within 15 minutes. Check your junk mail box if you do not see it.
  12. Once you respond to the verification email,your registration request is sent to the "Moderation" queue. We try to approve known New Users Registrants in about 24 hours ( Williams is open Thursday - Monday, but very busy on Saturday & Sunday ). Once you are approved you will you be sent a "Account Validated ..." email and will be able to log on to the Williams Today Forum and post messages.

  13. Until the process is complete, your logon will have fewer permissions and you will not be able to even read messages. You can continue to read messages without logging in. Once the process is complete and you are approved, everything will work and you can read, post and be part of the group.

If your "Account Validated at Williams Today" email does not arrive in a day, please CHECK YOUR JUNK EMAIL BOX, if your junk mail filter is set to block unknown users it may block our email.

The management.