VSA Race Day # 4
Saturday, April 28, 2018

The day will start with the usual pilotís meeting in the morning,
with Cora's coffee cake, of course;

Happy Hour @ 5 PM

Dinner plans to be determined at the pilot's meeting that morning.
(Options include Restaurant, Take Out, or someone to
volunteer, organize, and facilitate
an impromptu BBQ dinner at WSC)

Spend the day soaring (weather permitting)
Before and after flying (or instead of flying if the weather is not so cooperative)
there will be plenty of good food, great company, and lots of stories.

Donít forget to RSVP for a tow!

by email to noelle@williamssoaring.com
or call the Gliderport at 530-473-5600.

RSVP list as of 4-9-2018 @ 20:15:

Kelly, Peter

Pilots: 1