For those of you who have not been to WSC in the last month or so, here is a discovery I made that some of you may find helpful.

When taking the exit off northbound I-5 at Williams you will note the crosswalk at the top of the exit ramp. Let that alert you. As you make the right turn and get distracted from your driving as you observe a glider being towed aloft by the Pawnee, you just might fail to notice the STOP line ahead as you approach the very wide road intersection between Carl's Jr and Taco Bell. The line caught my attention and it took a second before I jammed on the brakes! Sure enough, there was the new STOP sign lurking along the curb, well off to the right, and well out of the normal view of my driving attention.

The stop sign might serve as a reminder that you haven't been flying very recently. Pay attention out there. Be disciplined about using your checklists, and keep reminding yourself that it's been a while.
Accidents can happen to any of us.
Have fun, enjoy getting back into the air, but use more care than usual.... and note that new stop sign.