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    Image Uploads: How to UPDATED

    UPDATED 2016-04-20

    The Williams Today forum allows the uploading of images that can be inserted in your Posts. You can upload "From your computer" or "From a URL" to link and copy from a website. Images not inserted into your post within 1 hour of uploading are automatically deleted.

    There are a couple ways to upload an image - all 4 major browser work the same.
    The 4 major browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.

    The WYSIWIG Editor has been updated. This image compares the two tool bars.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	toolbar-updated.jpg 
Views:	537 
Size:	141.3 KB 
ID:	366

    #1 Add Image Using "Add Image" Icon - You can attach images to your message (Post) clicking on the "add an IMAGE" Icon (#1 in above image)
    Then you can either select "From Computer" tab or "From URL" tab.

    Select "From Computer" tab, then select Upload, and the file will be uploaded.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	From-Computer.jpg 
Views:	514 
Size:	28.2 KB 
ID:	369

    OR Select From URL, be sure to check the "Retrieve Remote File and reference locally. That way the image will be copied to this forum and if the external website changes the image or file will not be lost.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	From-URL.jpg 
Views:	476 
Size:	46.6 KB 
ID:	371
    This is an image I linked to on the PASCO website

    Name:  PASCO-cap-T.jpg
Views: 474
Size:  9.4 KB

    #2 Add Image Using "Manage Attachments" Paperclip Icon (2 step process)

    Step 1: Click the Attachments Paperclip icon (shown as #2 in the first image of this post) The Manage Attachments Icon is for ALL attaching any type of approved file, including images.

    Once you click the icon or button, a pop up window will open giving you choices to add up to 10 files. You can chose "Your Computer" or "URL".

    You can select up to 10 files to upload at one time. A maximum of 10 attachments are allowed in one message post. If you already have file attachments in your message (post), then the pop-up window will only give you the choice of uploading the remaining amount. If you have already inserted 2 files, the window will show 8 remaining.

    Step 2: Once your attachment is uploaded, your next step is to put your cursor where you want the "attachment" and select the "Paperclip" icon to insert the attachment at the position you want it.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	paperclip.jpg 
Views:	501 
Size:	79.3 KB 
ID:	380

    Note: At this time we do not allow uploading movies, they can be linked to a website, such as YouTube or Vimeo and displayed in posts by clicking the Movie Icon.

    Questions? Just ask. Or click on the HELP button in the upper right of the forum page (NOTE: this does not work while you are creating a post)

    For those of you who noticed that I number 4 items in the first image showing the new Tool bar, here are #3 and #4

    #3: You can insert text created in Microsoft Word BUT you must "clean" it first. Open your word document, then click on the Word Icon and a pop up window will open. Paste (CTL-v or Command V) the text you copied into the window, then save it to your message. This cleans up all the gobbledy-gook (technical term) that Microsoft puts into the text, and then it will display nice in our forum.

    #4: Creating Tables. Just play with it, you can now insert tables and adjust the size, then type in your text. Nice.

    That's it.
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    ~ Larry Roberts

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