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Thread: Posting from a Word.doc

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    Posting from a Word.doc

    Created text using MS Word and want to use that text in your post?
    Now you can use this icon to clean up the formatting that Word puts in every document.
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    Just copy the text in your Word document,
    Click on the Word Icon on the top row of the Williams Today WYSIWIG editor
    Paste your text into the pop-up window and it will be stripped of the MS Word formatting junk.

    PLUS, you can now easily create a table in your post using the Table tools on the bottom row of the editing tools.

    The horizontal lines were inserted using the Insert Horizontal Line Icon

    The table was built using the table Icons

    Name Glider score
    Kenny KP 99
    Peter PK 98
    Larry YE 77

    Play with it.
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