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Thread: Newly Rated Glider Pilot - Sterling May

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    Newly Rated Glider Pilot - Sterling May

    Congratulations to Sterling May on passing his checkride this morning, July 1, 2019, earning his Private Pilot Glider rating. The day before his checkride, he had an epic long flight with Kempton Izuno in the FNX. Sterling, a 16-year-old, drove here alone from Texas and has gone from introductory glider lesson, to first solo, to becoming a rated glider pilot in just 3 weeks. He comes from an aviation family who has a history with Williams Soaring Center, as we bought our pristine SGS 2-32 from his dad 3 years ago. You can see the 2-32 suspended from the rafters in the picture below. We have enjoyed having Sterling here and are hoping to convince him to come back and tow for us once he receives his SEL rating.
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    Congratulations Sterling on a job well done! Come back and fly with us soon.

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    Re: Newly Rated Glider Pilot - Sterling May

    Yay Sterling! Your soaring trajectory looks good...
    ASH-25 (FNX)

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    Re: Newly Rated Glider Pilot - Sterling May

    Outstanding! I enjoyed the few minutes of conversation we had and hope to see you again.


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