FAA issues Standard Type Certificate on ASK 21B

We are pleased to announce that after nearly 1.5 years in process, the ASK 21B has received final approvals for the FAA Standard Type Certificate G47EU Rev. 2. The ASK 21 has been in production for nearly 4 decades with very few design change variants. Alexander Schleicher has made a number of improvements to the basic airframe including redesigning both cockpits to make more room for larger pilots, changes to the rear canopy hinge to allow more opening clearance for better egress, Automatic aileron and airbrake connection, 6 inch main wheel, in fin ballast mounting provision for spin training just to name a few. An ASK 21b will be available at Williams Soaring Center for demonstration flights on Aug 1. There is one ASK 21b ready for immediate delivery in Williams Ca. Come by and see for yourself. $125K no instruments or trailer. Buy it for your club today.