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Thread: Happy Holidays Soaring Pilots and Friends

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    Happy Holidays Soaring Pilots and Friends

    Happy Holiday wishes to our Soaring Pilots and Friends,

    The Williams Soaring Center staff would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and share with you a few new additions and improvements at the gliderport this year.

    We are now a two instructor operation!
    Pablo Saso-Perkins has recently joined us as the second flight instructor and ride pilot. Pablo started his soaring career at Truckee as a ride pilot during the 2016 soaring season. He continued as a ride pilot for Sky Sailing in Warner Springs during the winter and returned to Truckee for the 2017 soaring season. Pablo earned his CFIG in September of 2017 and immediately began instructing. Pablo over the next two years continued instructing for both Soar Truckee and Sky Sailing. Pablo joined our operation in October this year and we could not be happier to have him as a part of our staff. He is instructing here five days a week and excited to experience the 2020 soaring on the Mendocino’s. He is also the resident simulator expert. Pablo started on sims at age 10 and has worked hard at integrating the sim into everyday training. He can teach both basic flight characteristics as well as intermediate and advance soaring techniques on Condor. So if you are looking to get back into soaring, experience our new Mach 0.1 flight simulator or looking to gain the experience and fly with someone new, come out and meet Pablo for yourself.

    New faces on the other end of the rope.
    There have been a few new faces in that loud thing that makes soaring possible. Adam Coupal has joined the WSC tow pilot crew and is here almost every weekend building time and getting ready for his Commercial and Instrument check rides. He aspires to make aviation his full-time career and is really enjoying his time at Williams. Adam also just earned his Private Pilots Glider license so come out on a weekend and congratulate him.

    If you see a Chihuahua and a Jack Russel running around, then that means Lucien Niccore is also running around. A Hang glider and power pilot who finally came to his senses and joined the glider world, Lucian has become a tow pilot, the airport handyman and shop technician. While taking lessons from Ben, we found out that Lucien was an expert woodworker and we put him to work this summer earning his gliders license and completing the two new instruction offices…more about that a bit later. Lucien is always happy to help pilots and cannot seem to get enough of towing in the Pawnee. He is working on perfecting the Tree farm tow for the 2020 Season.

    New Toys
    If you havn’t heard, Schleicher has made some changes to the ASK-21 the new ASK-21B is smoother, quieter, and has significantly more room in the front and rear seats. Astonishingly enough, the 21B cockpit improvements fits both tall and short pilots much better. Schleicher has improved the spin kit ballast by building a compartment into the tail for improved performance. The factory also upgraded to automatic control hookups. If you haven’t yet experienced the new ASK-21B, you are missing out. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention they are also equipped with in panel ClearNav flight computers and ClearNav Variometers in the front and back seats with integrated Flarm displayed. And for the solo pilots there are a few new toys coming in the 2020 season as well…

    More Changes
    If you haven’t been to WSC in the last year, you will also notice the clubhouse has improved again. Now with gorgeous picture windows looking out to the Mendocino’s you can eat lunch and watch the cue pop on Snow and St. John as you await your tow. There are also those new instructor’s offices we mentioned earlier.

    Pablo and Ben are spending the winter rewriting the cross country soaring program to help everyone get the most out of Williams in 2020, but step one is being current. So if you are looking to get back in to soaring, complete a flight review, get checked out in a new ship or get current leading in to the 2020 season March will be here before we know it and there will be cue across the Sacramento Valley just waiting for you. Come meet the new faces see the new toys and set yourself up for big success and growth in the 2020 soaring season.

    We at Williams would like to thank you for taking the time to see what is new and wish you a Happy Holiday and a Great 2020 Soaring Season!

    WSC Staff

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    Re: Happy Holidays Soaring Pilots and Friends

    All sounds great Ben & company, everytime I come to WSC, there's something new and better, keep on going!
    ASH-25 (FNX)

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