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Thread: Cameras

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    Just saw this ad and thought I would pass it along in case it made a good flying platform:

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    Re: Cameras

    It's been hashed and rehashed
    see previous threads on this forum.
    DDS and YE and TG and other all have one.
    Cover of soaring Mag has Ramy-TG on it (in July or so) - takenwith his go pro.
    Peter Kelly

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    Re: Cameras

    Actually, "DDS" has a Contour HD camera. The GoPro and Contour HD are equivalent in picture. I picked the Contour HD because it has a rotating lens to allow compensation for difficult mountings and it has built in laser pointers so you can check the camera's horizontal and know where it is pointed. The Contour HD also has an idiot proof on/off switch. Both cameras have extensive mounting systems. You can see one of my videos taken from inside the cockpit on YouTube. Just search for "Guy Acheson". My goal this winter is to learn video editing.

    Please...if you view the video and like it...LIKE ME on YouTube.
    Guy Acheson
    DDS and 59

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