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Thread: The Soaring Engine Volume 3 ~ Goes to print

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    The Soaring Engine Volume 3 ~ Goes to print

    Calling all Soaring Engine Book Fans,

    Volume 3 has gone to print! It's expected to be available from Wings & Wheels on July 15, 2020. I have already pre-ordered my copy.

    I had a chance to review an early version of Volume 3 which I really enjoyed. It reminded me about many points and discussions G and I had while flying together in NZ.

    From the Description on Wings & Wheels: "
    THE SOARING ENGINE Volume 3 describes how a pilot can learn to achieve a higher standard of performance in any of the soaring disciplines. This entails a knowledge of speed flying techniques, an investigation into the decision making abilities of pilots when under pressure, some suggestions for training, and an outline of the specific requirements for success in competition, distance or record flying. Combined with the information set out in volume one (the basics of using ridge and thermal lift to soaring in both flatland and mountain terrain) and volume two (wave and convergence systems), the trilogy aims to enable soaring pilots to achieve their goals in any part of the sport they choose to pursue. "

    You can reserve your copy at:
    Pete Alexander -- 98

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    Re: The Soaring Engine Volume 3 ~ Goes to print

    Thanks Pete. I ordered mine today and they said they are now shipping.


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