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Thread: Pablo does 500K!

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    Pablo does 500K!

    Lookit that! Pablo hadn't been further than Alder Springs, so we flew on Saturday, posted earlier. And now look, 515km!!!

    Congrats Pablo!!!!
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    ASH-25 (FNX)

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    Re: Pablo does 500K!

    Yay Pablo.

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    Re: Pablo does 500K!

    Alright my first cross country, well technically not. From what I understand a cross country is anywhere you are that's not within glide of your home airport. Earlier this year I got myself in a little bit of a pickle by chasing some clouds downwind on tow even.. That was a little mistake, I found myself calling up Williams base stating that I don't think I can make it back to Williams. I was sitting comfortably at 1500 above Colusa airport Ben called the tow pilot and got him ready to come pick me up. I got on the Colusa ctaf and announced my plan. I was going to line up for a right base into 13. And a miracle happens. I get a thermal at 1100feet Climbed back up and fought the wind home. That was a pretty embarrassing first cross country. Well there was one more prior to this and it was in a Schweitzer 2-33 which involved a bad tow and an even worse decision from me to release.. Trials from the early days of my teaching career. I release and look back and Truckee airport is maybe 10 degrees under my nose. Well I'm glad I've developed a good sense when to release by this point. I climbed that thermal and taught for the next hour, consequently I never worked with that student again, even though it was my decision to release.

    Up until this point in time, most of the people I flew for or with had strict rules about staying within glide. Not everyone though. There were a couple of you out there who encouraged me to go just a little bit further. Well I now work for Williams Soaring Center and things are a little different here. I am encouraged to stretch my abilities and become a better pilot/teacher. Prior to this 500k flight I did a couple nice flights in the ask 21 as far as Black Butte this was a little bit far I think but everything was lining up the thermals were good but the ceilings were a little low that day. I flew the asw 24 about 3-4 times before this flight. I flew it around very slow trying to get a sense of what a 40+:1 feels like. I took a flight with Kempton and got a little bit different sense of what I was like to fly in the blue, the decisions we were making to move forward seemed to be very similar. So I got this itch to go fly the asw 24 on a day off. The weather was looking pretty good 11,500 at yolla nearly got to 12,500 at one point. I did a bunch of calculations to see where I could glide to from the areas I've gotten to know flying near black butte, not just relying on the clear nave to calculate for me. Something to double check with if i needed. So Wednesday comes I had planned to take off around 11:30 not to return before 4:30 I got to the bottom of goat and released into a blue thermal, it took me up a few hundred feet then I was on my way, the clouds were forming near by and I had a clear route to take. They just kept forming to the north of me, It was more then I had expected, Maybe about an hour and a half into the flight and I was at yolla. At this point the clouds took a little bit of a split north east and a little to the west. I reached out and went as far as I could which was not too far it happened to be one of the far points of my triangle so I guess that's ok. I really just wanted to peer off to the west to the town of where I once lived. Only about 40 miles away was Garberville. Well I continued on to the north and turned around at T15 , I was only expecting to make it to yolla today. From looking at the rasp forecast I saw that I would be the strongest from St.Johns and north so I didn't go back down the mountian to goat. I turned back north for a second try to yolla. When I got to yolla the clouds went even further. So, I pushed on the furthest north I made it was almost to hayfork peak, then turned back around to make my trip back home. Things were still pretty smooth but the thermals were getting a little weaker. The forecast said the convergence would be moving west by the point of the day and there were a couple clouds that looked very good but soon I found myself just a little west of the line. Didn't find much lift and by the time I was reaching alder springs I saw it from a new angle, I got to just under 8,000 around that area but the convergence was close I reconnected and made my way back to the mountains I'm more familiar with. I was cruising a playing with the clear nav and it said 490k to destination wow I was pretty surprised and didn't quite understand that info box before but it made sense. I had plenty of altitude and could easily go further so I pressed on a little went south of my starting point to extend my final leg. I arrived back at Williams pretty fast. I landed and put the glider in front of the hangar. Looking up at the mountains there were still clouds. There was still plenty of flying to be had, but I was tired and fully content with what I had just done. Now some of you may think alright cool you got a good weather day with good clouds, but I think there's more too it. The way I was able to do 500k on my first real cross country attempt is choosing thermals wisely , having a small understanding of the glider polar, subtle control inputs to be able to really have a sense of what the air is doing, staying on course the best as possible, adjust yourself dynamically, not saying to dolphin fly. But yes I am actually saying to dolphin fly do it gently so you can still feel the air. And don't get lazy about flying a little faster. The ability to find and core thermals is very important, obviously what you decide to stop for depends on many factors if you cant core the thermal within one or two turns and you have the altitude move on.

    If I understand this correctly I used 22 thermals over 5 hours that's one thermal every 13 minutes. Not one every 5-10. Average thermals pretty strong about 5.5k
    But the part im pretty impressed with was the average glide of 68:1 This put together got me my first 500k in under 5 hours.


    s [km] %circling NThermals R/C [m/s] E Vd [km/h]
    Leg1 47.28 0.00 0 0.00 -19.39 134.87
    Leg2 114.14 28.18 9 2.44 47.98 93.15
    Leg3 91.06 13.28 4 2.97 78.64 113.04
    Leg4 108.52 20.56 6 3.04 59.01 117.92
    Leg5 157.43 12.55 3 3.49 46.26 120.53
    Leg6 32.88 0.00 0 0.00 19.00 180.70
    Total 551.30 17.00 22 2.84 68.16 115.10

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    Re: Pablo does 500K!


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