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Thread: July 9 2020 Great Day of Soaring!

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    July 9 2020 Great Day of Soaring!

    89 made it to China and is cruising around south now.
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    Leon had his best ever flight today in NM
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    Pablo and Ben and their students have been enjoying soaring the Mendos today as well

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    Re: July 9 2020 Great Day of Soaring!

    July 09 flight
    Thanks for posting my July 09 flight in the -23. It is a reminder of a lesson I apparently have only partially learned: make a plan, and unless conditions dictate otherwise, FOLLOW IT.
    Thanks to recent instruction from Ben for evaluating (a) the strength of convergence as a catalyst for thermals (e.g., RASP's BL/up/down & vertical velocities), (b) the thermal energy elevator (BL top, thermal updraft velocity), and (c) the inversion layer as the top floor of this structure (RASP soundings), Thurs. July 09 showed potential. Based on the BLupdown RASP graphic I constructed a crude map of the path of likely lift. (See below) And noted that the path moved eastward as the afternoon progressed. So I took a tow to what I now believe is Tree Farm @ 9800 ft., and with a copy of the map and the encouragement of Lucien, got off tow. This time, there was no "what do I do now" moment! Lift worked well as I made my way first north, then east as the clouds thinned.

    I'm embarrassed to see that I abandoned my plan as the clouds thinned above East Park Reservoir. Instead of trying to find lift in the blue along a convergence line which I knew should be drifting east, I squandered my altitude leaving the hills in hopes of finding lift in the valley (well, it had been a bumpy tow), then turning back west, and finally heading home as much for lack of ideas as for altitude.

    I believe I could have left East Park at ~11k ft. & flown south (where there were clouds), and along the way try to center on the convergence line which still should have been there. Absent wind, it appears that I could have made it as far as Rumsey Gap before turning to WSC (using a glide ratio 5sm/1000'). More importantly, I could at any point along the convergence divert to WSC.
    Lesson learned.
    P.S. My first post with a graphic. Why does it look so small?

    Click image for larger version. 

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