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Thread: Flying Condor2

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    Re: Flying Condor2

    Last post on this thread was about a month ago, but I made a new discovery and I wanted to share it. Maybe a new thread is a better idea? I dun'no.

    I inadvertently entered a spin today in the duo. At first I didn't recognize it. Is this for real I asked? I relaxed the elevator, applied opposite runner stopped the rotation, and went back to thermaling.

    once I got a bit more altitude I entered a spin intentionally. Worked like a charm - both the entry and the recovery.... amazing.
    I was flying the Duo with a gib (guy in the back seat), otherwise, no alterations to the weights.

    But, That's not my big news.
    The BIG news is I just had a great wave flight.

    Do YOU want to learn to fly wave?

    Condor 2 is a fantastic training tool for wave flying. So realistic it was hard to believe!

    Jim Ketchum did a great job of creating the needed landscape, it is called Truckee [2.2] - I saw his name on the file I downloaded.

    If I wanted more realism I would have been wearing a cannular and also removed my shoes and socks (slippers), just to let my feet get cold.

    I have flown every part of this flight in actual gliders - including crossing the lake, flying at 14,000 over Squaw Valley, etc.

    I started from 5,000 ft overhead Truckee. I had the wind set up with wind 270/10 and upper level wind 54 kts, min stability, and max moisture. Just in case you may want to try "flying" a similar flight, I'll screen shot the setting from Condor 2 that I used... and also add a few screen captures of me in flight. It is nice to have a wingman willing to snap the photos of me while on this flight.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	trk3a-wx wind.JPG 
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ID:	5973 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	trk3b-thermals.JPG 
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ID:	5974 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	trk3c-wx-waves.JPG 
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Name:	trk3d-wx-high cld.JPG 
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    Lots of cu to work right near the airport (nearly over Brockway summit), and then I maneuvered into the wave coming off North Star/ Mt. Pluto. Got up to over 20,000 and flew to the south (over Incline Village and ten miles further south along the eastern shoreline crest of Lake Tahoe). I crossed the lake, making land fall over Homewood, It was an easy glide across the lake since I was so high. Once over the western mountains, I was working lift as I flew northward over Alpine Ski, area, then Squaw, snapping photos, and then over to Donner Summit. Super realistic all the way around.

    Here I am climbing through 21,500 in 2 kts of wave lift. That's Mt Pluto/ Northstar on the nose and TRK runways below the right wind. You can see hwy 267 and Brockway summit below, and the Day Dreams Ridge is directly below the ship.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	trk p1.jpg 
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ID:	5977

    As I continued over Spooner Summit I was riding the wave on the eastern shore.
    You can see Carson City under the left wing.
    I have been up to over 30,000 ft in my 2 place Lark back in the 1980's - flying in that same area!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	trk p2.jpg 
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ID:	5978

    Went east and made landfall over Homewood, bucking a 50 knot headwind, but still at almost 19,000,
    in spite of the sink as I approached the shoreline. Truckee was always within glide (and visible to me) during the entire flight - even when I was over Alpine and Squaw Ski areas.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	trk p 3.jpg 
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ID:	5979

    Note about getting the Truckee Landscape...
    I ended up joining the condor club.... Home - Condor Club
    and used their recommend download tool to get the Truckee Landscape.
    (Microsoft Edge advised against the idea of putting the download tool on to my computer, but I elected to override the MS recommendation).
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    Re: Flying Condor2

    Decided to try a second flight tonight using the same winds, etc.
    I discovered I may have been a bit on the lucky side that first time around, or maybe i was a bit too impatient on this flight.

    Same start (5,000 agl over TRK.(10,800 MSL)).

    Went to the same clouds and locations but things seemed a bit different. The lift seemed to be more to the south east - more over over Day Dreams Ridge this time, rather than over Brockway Summit. I got up to 18,000 eventually, crossed over Mt Rose and as I headed east, I decided to just land at Reno International.
    I made that decision while at 16,000 MSL, simulated calling Reno Approach and Tower (for approach/landing clearance) and pulled full spoilers and flew about 90 kts all the way down final. It felt like I was back in my American MD-80 again.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TRK-RNO.jpg 
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ID:	5981 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2 trk-rno.JPG 
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ID:	5982

    The entire flight was only 42 minutes long. I have an IGC file for you to look at if you are interested. 1-trk-rno.igc

    The winds shown in the See You app were interesting. At 5,000 ft See You shows 270/17 backing in direction as they went aloft and increasing in strength. See You shows the winds to be 254/44 at FL185 (18,500 ft).
    All of that with a set up in the Condor program of winds at 270/10 on the ground, and winds aloft of 54 kts.

    A few snapshots of the approach - Landing to the north at Reno International (KRNO)- Fld Elev 4400 ft.

    Since contact with the local Air Traffic Control (ATC) is required in “real life” I simulated that I contacted “approach control”, and simulated that they said....
    "Cleared for approach" - We had 10,000 ft to lose before touchdown....
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RNO1 - cleared for approach at 10000 ft.jpg 
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ID:	5983

    Full spoilers - Virginia City in the background, Dayton Valley to the south of that.
    9,000 ft to go
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RNO2-full spoilers- V City to the east.jpg 
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ID:	5984

    At 9,000 we (me and the GIB) still have 4500 ft of altitude to lose before touchdown - vario is 44 kts down, but the approach looks good.. It a good, consistent glide path. I simulate a change in radio frequencies, simulate calling Reno Control Tower....
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RNO3 4500 ft vario at 44 kts.jpg 
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ID:	5985

    Still on a good glide path with about 2,000 ft to go, still doing 90 kts, with 44 kts down... I imagine at this point the tower is telling me.... “Papa Kilo, you are cleared to land”
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RNO4-2000 ft at 90 kts.jpg 
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ID:	5986

    The last 1,000 ft on a long (but very high speed) final
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RNO5 1000 ft.jpg 
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ID:	5987

    Rolling to a stop...
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RNOLanded.jpg 
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ID:	5988

    In real life, i would have probably asked tower if it was ok to turn off this active runway on to the crossing runway, since this airport doesn’t have any high speed turn-offs. I wanted to be considerate of the “imagined “ other traffic, thus allowing traffic behind me to land on this, the primary runway for the big jets. I wonder if the transient maintenance - “follow-me” vehicle will have a rope to pull me to my parking spot?

    spoiler alert... war story to follow....

    This approach reminds me of a VERY similar approach I made going into an Fairbanks, an Air Base in Alaska, in a C5A. just after vectoring us over the highest mountain peak in north america, Denali, Mt McKinley, while still at 20,000 ft, Approach asked if I would accept a straight in approach, from that position (I could see the runway below the nose but we were still above 16,000 ft), to which I confidently told the co-pilot to reply .. . affirmative! i threw down the gear, slowed to max speed for full flaps and came down like a rock. I touched down, on speed, in the normal spot. There were two commercial big jets both waiting for me to land, and they each remarked over the radio ... “very impressive....”. and the other jet added. .. “nice approach and landing”... those were the days..


    see another example of learning to use condor on this subsequent thread...

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