OK here it is, the moment we have all be waiting for, less talk and more flying . Saturday 10/24 I will be gathering pilots for a condor fun fly. At this moment we will probably use slovenia as its the default scenery which everyone has. Right now Im leaning towards using Discord https://discord.com/ for voice chat, if you need any help setting it up and joining the server give me a ring or ask here in the forum. . I imagine its going to take a little time to get setup, so what you can do today without my help is make sure your condor is up to date. https://www.condorsoaring.com/downloads-2/ here is the link to the update. You can also get discord and set up an account, its always free. Discord will allow screen sharing which might be useful to help everyone get their condor settings setup correctly. We will start gathering at 6pm or slightly earlier. Looking forward to flying with you all tomorrow.