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Thread: VSA presidential address

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    VSA presidential address

    Hello VSA members,

    I know that there has not been much coming out of the VSA this year. Between the Covid and the fires there has not been as much activity around the Gliderport as we are all use to... We at VSA and WSC are feeling the effects as much as everyone else and are ready to get back in touch with all of our glider friends. The VSA have been working on a plan to find a way to get people together and start thinking about gliders again.

    As soaring season 2020 starts to come to a close I’m sure we will have the opportunity for a handful of nice wave flight to finish 2020 strong however I believe it is time to start looking forward to the 2021 season and prepare ourselves physically and mentally to come into 2021 ready to rock. My staff and I have been pondering how we can best accomplish this. We may be the elected ones (ones pointed at and put in charge unknowingly during our last Octoberfest), but every member should have their input. The staff and a few other members helped me come up with a list of possible winter events, however we are always searching for new fresh ideas. We at the VSA are here to serve you the people, and would like hear your ideas and come up with a plan to best prepare you for the 2021 soaring season.

    List of potential Events

    1. Monthly Webinars (most likely zoom based)
      1. On a variety of topics, (input on topic welcome)
      2. Date TBD, most likely 1 talk approximately 45 minutes with some meet and greet period (30 minutes or so before and after for everyone to catch up)

    2. Condor Coaching (group coaching sessions at WSC)
      1. Some can be web based but would prefer small groups 3-5 Pilots at the same level receiving XC condor coaching focusing on a variety of specific XC skills
      2. Once a Month (spread out through the clubhouse)
      3. Private lessons and set up advise will also be available (in person or online/via Phone)

    3. Bi monthly Webinars
      1. First would be a presentation similar to Proposal 1
      2. Second 2 weeks later would be a Q&A session and a guided desiccation by the speaker of the previous webinar.
        1. This would allow an hour to talk with the speaker and allow time to digest concepts then get pointed questions answered.

    4. Spring Camp
      1. Dependent on the County periodicals at that point in time.
      2. Spring XC camp lead by a few hand selected coaches for many different levels of Experience
      3. Most likely 3-5 days

    I hope this finds all of our VSA Members in good health and we are looking forward from hearing from all of you.

    Please provide feedback either on this form post or directly to “JIM SMITH VP VSA”

    Just kidding please post on the Form or contact me via email or phone for any comments or questions!!

    Your Commander and Chief of the Valley Soaring Association
    Ben Mayes

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    Re: VSA presidential address

    +1 to a spring camp!

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    Re: VSA presidential address

    I'll contribute to the webinars and spring camp.
    ASH-25 (FNX)

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    Re: VSA presidential address

    + 2 to spring camp and webinars.

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    Re: VSA presidential address

    I'll also contribute to the webinars and spring camp.
    Pete Alexander -- 98

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