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Thread: PASCO 2020 Year In Review

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    PASCO 2020 Year In Review

    West Wind November 2020

    To PASCO SSA Region 11,

    I am pleased to present the special end of the year edition of our regional West Wind e-magazine. Thanks to Peter Deane for putting this together and to all of the contributors to this outstanding edition of West Wind.

    You can find the document at

    From all of us on the PASCO Board of Directors, have a safe and happy Holiday Season.

    Dan Colton
    President, Pacific Soaring Council

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    Re: PASCO 2020 Year In Review

    We should all be extremely grateful for the dedicated and unselfish efforts by everyone associated with this publication and all it entails. I certainly appreciate the efforts, and I'm quite certain I'm not alone.

    Thank you to all associated with PASCO - especially this year, and thank you to Noelle for posting this edition here on the Forum.
    Peter Kelly

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