Dec 10th proved to be a great wave day although slow starting. Both Williams rasp and the Panoche were fairly accurate especially in calling for the afternoon strength. I took two tows. first out pass Indian and found nothing. Ben with a student took Pete's earlier advise and found weak wave at Bear Valley/Walker. My second tow, around 1:30, targeted tree farm at 7500. Released couple mis east of tree farm in 3+ knts after one of the most turbulent tows I've experienced. Interestingly, my first tow was so smooth, things were now happening. Shortly, I got into 5-6 knts and rode it to 17,8k. Winds aloft were 60+ knts at 300-310 deg. It was late in the day so I didn't venture far . Ben and Pablo came out again and both found strong wave on walker. I recall Ben reporting 14K at one point. A solo student Bruce Smith climbed to 11K near 3 sisters in the 23. A fun day!

Jim E2