Hello Everyone,
The Valley Soaring Association in conjunction with Williams Soaring Center is happy to announce the 2021 Winter Webinar Series. The VSA would like to offer a web based seminar series throughout the Winter months to help everyone prepare for the 2021 soaring season. These seminars will be offered on Saturday nights from 4:30-6PM and will focus on a number of topics spanning from weather forecasting and reading the weather to preparing yourself mentally for cross country soaring.
The topics will vary from basic topics pointed at pilots just starting their cross country soaring endeavors; to advanced pilots who are looking to maximize their day whether it be to fly further and faster, or be able to accomplish more on difficult days. The topics will be labeled Advanced or Basic but that does not exclude new pilots from participating. It is listed so newer pilots do not get discouraged when listening to these advanced topics.
January 16th Pete Alexander - Reading The Sky and Finding the Energy Lines On The Mendocinos (Basic)
Pete Alexander has had the opportunity to fly with some wonderful coaches and pilots over the past two decades. He will share their tips, strategies, a few stores and a cornucopia of eye-catching photos of the energy lines on the Mendocinos and other locations from across the globe.
January 30th Ben Mayes - Training to Fly Far & Fast by Flying Close to Home (Basic)
Ben has grown up on the Williams Gliderport where he had the opportunity to not only watch new pilots learn to fly and take the leap to become cross country pilots; he has also spent a lot of time crewing for some of the top US pilots in cross country racing. Spending this time listening to their stories and coaching tips and tricks. Ben has developed his own strategies in teaching and coaching basic cross country. He has just begun his journey into the cross country racing world. From these experiences, Ben will share with you some tips and tricks that have helped him fly faster and further while still staying within glide of the field.
February 20th TBD
March 13th TBD
March 27th TBD

Current VSA membersí participation is FREE!! (VSA dues are $20 a year)
Non VSA membersí participation is $30 for the series

If you are interested in specific topic or a speaker, please let me know at ben@williamssoaring.com
Sign up via Google Form before January 12th to enable us to plan for the video conferencing needs.
Upon signing up you will receive an email with the link and webinar instructions after the 12th of January.
If you have any additional questions, please contact the VSA at vsa@williamssoaring.com