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Thread: Solo's and Checkrides

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    Solo's and Checkrides

    A bit behind so a big congratulations to all of our recently soloed pilots and newly licensed pilots!

    11/21/2020 Ryan Crapo - Private Pilot Checkride
    Ryan began his soaring journey at the age of 13. Just shortly after his 16th birthday Ryan passed his private pilot glider checkride. Congratulations.
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    Ryan is pictured here with his parents and Instructor Pablo Saso-Perkins.

    12/14/2020 Jonathan Quist - First Glider Solo
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    Jonathan is a transition pilot who started flying with us in November. On 12/14/2020 Jonathan had his first solo in gliders. Jonathan is looking forward to learning about cross country flying in our upcoming soaring season.

    12/20/2020 Kevin Crisp - First Solo
    Kevin is an avid Sailor, SCUBA Diver, Surfer and Snowboarder. He wanted to take on a new adventure and set his mind to soar the skies. On the cold “California” day of December 20th 2020, Kevin took to the skies solo in the ASK23B.
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    Pictured here (L-R) CFIG-Ben Mayes and Kevin Crisp who is about to be doused with ice cubes by CFIG-Ted Reynolds.

    12/28/2020 Jorge Rios - First Solo
    Jorge Rios enjoys sailing, kite surfing and other outdoor activities. He wanted to expand his skillset in his quest for adventure and started glider flight training this Summer in Nevada. He transferred during his training program to Williams Soaring Center in November and on 12/28/2020, Jorge soloed in the ASK23B.
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Name:	20201228-Jorge Rios First Solo.jpg 
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    He is pictured here as Nick Mayes initiates him to the rank of Solo Pilot while CFIG-Ben Mayes smiles knowingly just out of reach of the action.

    12/31/2020 Muuo Wambau - First Solo
    Muuo has been a model student to instruct. His passion for flying has been exemplified through is hard work and dedication to studying and fully understanding all the new material thrown his way. Muuo started his soaring journey with the goal to take to the skies solo before the end of 2020, and on 12/31/2020 he welcomed the new year as a solo pilot!
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    Pablo says "Working with Muuo has been a delight!"

    01/01/2021 Randy Wilson - First Glider Solo
    Randy Wilson, a transition pilot, had his first glider solo while training at Williams Soaring Center and is our first solo in 2021! We are taking the great job he did soloing in the ASK23B as a sign things are looking up in 2021.
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    Pictured here L-R Randy Wilson and CFIG Ben Mayes
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