Flarm has announced release of firmware supporting ADS-R and TIS-B reception. This feature is included in new firmware for Core Fusion. For original PowerFLARM core and portable, this requires a license available here:

Firmware is available here:

Additional info about this feature here:

I’ve been flying with the beta version since last fall and it works very well.
In a nutshell:
1- this feature allows you to see virtually all traffic which carry any type of ADS-B or transponder via ground relay in most places we fly. Transponder signal will show position and altitude similar to ADS-B.
2- if you have ADS-B Out you should absolutely upgrade and purchase the license. It certainly worth the $160 fee.
3- Even if you don’t have ADS-B out you will still receive the data if there is another ADS-B Out aircraft within 30NM, which is alway the case when flying from places like Byron, Hollister and probably Truckee.

This is also an opportunity to buy the new Fusion powerflarm which doesn’t require additional license fee and is currently on sale for only $1526 for the next 2 weeks. You should be able to sell your used powerflarm core for $1000 or more when the price will go up, so a small investment for a better and more user friendly powerflarm with more features.