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Thread: Indian Ranch, Landout Report

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    Indian Ranch, Landout Report

    Due to poor planning and me failing to properly apply understanding of wave dynamics, I have ended up on the wrong side of lift/sink equation and landed out at Indian Ranch.

    That was my first landout and everything other pilots described as phases you go thru is correct.
    A lot of uncertainty looking at -6 knot.
    But as soon as I have committed to land I became calm and focused on the task.

    There was very steep wind gradient, from about 30kt at 600ft AGL to calm on the ground.
    I landed to South, with some cows on the first half of the runway and horses running at the end.
    But it is very very long runway.
    And of course cows retired to the hills in 20 minutes after my landing

    The surface is firm and level.
    I've walked whole lengths of the runway and it's in good condition, even after very wet days.
    It's either well maintained, or was build right from the get going.

    Place itself serene and horses are friendly.

    There is no coverage, at least for T-Mobile, but I assume even Verizon would not work there.
    So, something like In-Reach with ability to communicate over the text is advisable.
    Or friendly Pilots flying around to rely your messages.
    Thank you E2 and 98 !!!

    Thanks to Noelle for coordinating my rescue and letting my wife know that I'm safe.
    Nick and Ben, you guys rock.

    I have few pictures of the field:
    Looking North, South, Horses and Windsock.
    Will attach them when figure out how.
    For now here is the link to the pictures:


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    Re: Indian Ranch, Landout Report

    In-Reach will be going with me, for sure. Thanks for the share, Vadim.

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    Re: Indian Ranch, Landout Report

    Vadim ~ I was happy to assist.

    Nice job!

    Texting has sometimes worked for me when cell coverage is spotty.

    You can always ask for a relay once you are on the ground.

    If I'm getting in to a situation when I'm getting in difficulty. I always let someone else flying know what's going on. Usually, my message will be something like 98 getting low near <insert that location here>. Stay tuned... I check back in every 15 minutes or so about my progress or lack there of.
    Pete Alexander -- 98

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    Re: Indian Ranch, Landout Report

    Thanks Vadim!

    It is very good to have a first hand report and photographs of one of our landout fields!

    I have a Garmin inReach se that can blue tooth to your iPhone where you can use an app to text using the satellite system.

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