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Thread: Half Way to Spring!!!! Winter Webinar Continued

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    Half Way to Spring!!!! Winter Webinar Continued

    Hello again VSA members,

    I hope you all have been enjoying the Winter Webinar Series so far. I personally have had fun seeing everyone and have been impressed with the turn out so far. We are not quite half way through the Winter Series just yet and with spring in sight I hope everyone is as anxious as I am to gather as much knowledge as I can before kicking off my 2021 Soaring season.
    There has been a slight change to the Program; we will still be fortunate to hear from Alex Neigher and his great adventures in the paraglider world and how it brought him into our soaring community however instead of this Saturday February 20th we will be postponing one week and Alex will be presenting on February 27th at 4:30 PM. He is going to share with us his adventure through his soaring career. Alex Is an accomplished paraglider pilot who 3 years ago made the jump to sailplanes. After receiving Primary flight instruction from Ben Mayes at Williams soaring center and earning his Private Pilot License Alex purchased an ASW-20 and has spent 2 seasons between Williams and Truckee. I am super exited to hear about his journey and I hope all you are as well

    Here is the schedule for the remainder of the 2021 Winter Webinar Series (4:30-6 PM):
    February 27th I Cannot Stop Circling: Paragliding by Alex Neigher
    March 13th Focus is a good thing RIGHT!?!? Dennis Linnekin
    March 27th Hanger Talk! Pete Alexander, Ben Mayes & Friends: (A roundtable discussion where individuals can send in any questions they would like answered and a few guided discussions will be had)

    A Reminder:
    Current VSA members’ participation is FREE!! (VSA dues are $20 a year)
    Non VSA members’ participation is $30 for the series

    Sign up via Google Form ( before February 20th to enable us to plan for the video conferencing needs. Upon signing up you will receive an email with the link and webinar instructions after the 25th of February. If you have attended a previous webinar you are already on the list and will receive the link the Friday before the Webinar.
    If you have any additional questions, please contact the VSA at


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    Re: Half Way to Spring!!!! Winter Webinar Continued

    Hello Everyone

    Zoom link has been sent out!!

    If you did not receive it or would like to sign up please let us know at either or

    Look forward to hear all about Alex Neigher's adventure through soaring!!

    VSA Prez
    Ben Mayes

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