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Thread: Turnpoint data base - Check

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    Turnpoint data base - Check

    1CR contacted me this weekend regarding issues with numbering of the turnpoints on the World Wide Turnpoint exchange being altered this winter.

    If you have downloaded any of the Turnpoint Data Bases in the past few months be sure to check the numbering of the turnpoints.

    Message from Craig:

    There was a problem with the World Wide Turnpoint exchange. John did some updating and it messed up some of the numbered TP files (.cup and others). It appears it is back to normal now. You might want to pass this on to the guys in case they updated their TP files this winter. Easy check is to look at the file with Notepad. Very obvious it is either good or toast.

    Good idea to check into this if you did any downloads this winter.


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    Re: Turnpoint data base - Check

    Here is John's description of the problem. Sorry if my text message to Noelle wasn't very accurate.

    I think that things should be OK now. The files.html got updated to the new long names, but not the files ;-( -- which were there online, no problem. I changed files.html to link to the existing number-first files, so that nothing should change for pilots who already have the files. I can regenerate the .cup files with nice readable names (attached) and make sure that files.html links to them, if you like.

    Thanks for the heads-up!
    Best wishes for a great, safe season!!

    John L / 2E

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