Hello VSA Members,

I hope you all enjoyed the great presentation given by Dennis Linnekin on how and when to properly focus. As always Dennis delivered an interesting and insightful presentation on a very important subject. If you were unable to view the webinar live, we have recorded it and are planning to have all of the webinars available to all current VSA members.

I would also like to announce the 5th and final webinar of the 2021 Winter Series. It will be available live at 4:30 PM on Saturday the 27th of March. “Hanger Talk” will be the topic of conversation, it will be an open format conversation where you the viewers can ask question to all of our speakers from this year’s webinars. If you have specific question you would like answered or just general topics you would like to hear about including computer setup and or weather forecasting, picking lift or anything else you can think of please email them to VSA President Ben Mayes at ben@wiliamssaoring.com. We all look forward to another great Webinar in prep for the 2021 Soaring Season which seems to be here already.

On the topic of 2021 Soaring Season, the 2021 Cross Country Series will begin April 1st and Continue until Octoberfest or October 31st if there is no Oktoberfest. If you are interested in participating in the VSA Series, you must be a VSA Member to be recognized on the score sheet. We will be making up task booklets with the tasks and tips for each task ranging from time of year to attempt each task, to generalized altitudes to complete some of the technical aspects of each flight. If you would like a task booklet make sure you are a VSA member and email Ben direct and ask for one. There will be extras made up and a PDF version will also be available if you would prefer to be environmentally friendly.

We look forward to seeing you all out at the airport!!

Below you can find a list of all current paid VSA Members

Your VSA Staff
President-Ben Mayes, Vice President-Jim Smith, Secretary/Treasurer-Teddy Reynolds

Current Paid Members
Alex Neigher
Allan Austria
Andy Hogben
Ben Mayes
Bob Ireland
Bruce C Roberts
Bruce Smith
Dale Bryan
Dan Colton
David Moruzzi
Dennis Liniken
Dennis Mellor
Eric Beckman
Frans Dewaard

Geoffrey Wander
Ginny Farnsworth
Gunard Mahl
Harry J Wander
Jeff Platt
Jim Darke
Jim smith
Joe Pete Pearson
Jorge Rios
Kevin Ash
Kevin Crisp
Larry Roberts
Leon McCaughan
Mallory Lynch
Mario Galliano
Melissa Owens
Mitch Polinsky
Nathan Griffin
Noelle Mayes
Pat Alford
Paul McWhirter
Pete Alexander
Peter Kelly
Randall Wilson
richard hilliard
Russ Pillard
Sandeep Patil
Thomas Duncan
Thomas Jue
Tom Anklam
Vadim Krasnoiarov
Walter Cannon

If you would like to pay or think you have paid and are not on the list please contact Teddy Reynolds at VSA@williamssoaring.com.