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Thread: VSA BONUS DAY!!!

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    Hey Everybody,

    Today is the first Bonus Day of the VSA XC series!!

    I will be posting all of the Task calls for the Bonus Days here as well as on the whiteboard in front of the office every Saturday!!

    There are VSA Task books in the office and can be made available with an email or a Phone call to Ben.

    Todays Bonus Task (4/3/2021)

    Will be Task #3 First Time Off Goat!!

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    VSA Pres.
    Ben Mayes

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    Re: VSA BONUS DAY!!!

    Hello VSA Racers,

    Yesterday we had our FIRST TASK COMPLETIONS!!

    98-JM-05S all completed 2 laps and scores will be posted this afternoon!!

    Today is Bonus Day #2!!!

    We will be calling the same task as last week!

    Task #3 First Time off Goat!!
    4/10/2021 Good Luck

    Ben Mayes

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