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Thread: Let's schedule a Condor contest for beginners at WSC

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    Let's schedule a Condor contest for beginners at WSC

    Condor2 is a glider flight simulator app.
    This morning I phoned Pablo and he took the time to connect with me on the computer via the Discord web page. We updated our Condor programs to version 2.1.6, and then he had me hosting the two of us on a quick task.
    Start 5,000 over Antelope, turn Indian Vly Res Dam, finish 3 Sisters, all land safely to the south at Antelope.
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    A single thermal task. Excellent experience. Thanks Pablo for getting me hooked up.

    I can see how this will be a good learning tool, and I'm eager to try it out with a group. Using Discord will certainly provide training in radio discipline - assuming there are five or six of us flying together.

    We should agree on a parameters, like join within 5 minutes, start within 5 minutes of each other, etc. I suggest if you are new to racing, just skip the first turnpoint (TP). Let's break the task into two parts.

    We'll all stop at St John (orbit in the area, watch for traffic, etc.) and then, we all start about the same time from near St John and then race to the finish. Those who haven't raced may skip the Montgomery TP.

    Attached is the task - Antelope, Ind. Res Dam, etc. - see attached .fpl file
    Weather is Very strong thermals, cloud base @ 9,000 with an Inversion at 13,000, wind etc.. see flight plan attached.
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    I'll be ready to assist with the hosting in May... Maybe May 11th?. This is a very tentative date. If you're interested in being a part of our first contest talk to Pablo.
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    Re: Let's schedule a Condor contest for beginners at WSC

    The contest proposed for May 11th is on!
    However, the race I had suggested in my initial posting above is impractical, as well as confusing and counter productive.

    Pablo, Peter, Leon and Phil are planning to participate on May 11th.
    If you have Condor, you're welcome to join in. Contact CFIG Pablo at WSC f you plan to join.

    Some days - like today are just not suitable for flying... the Winds today... not good.... gusts to 47 MPH !! yikes!!

    Intro to the first "Race"

    Taking a tow and flying in circles in the nearest thermal soon becomes very boring.
    It is much more fun to travel as far as we can, giving consideration to our level of expertise to do so safely.
    Besides hands on practice of flying the glider it's enjoyable to increase our expertise by learning while on the ground. If you know how to fly a glider you know about proper glide speed, polar curves and MacCready theory.

    How about some practical training?

    On May 11 a few of us will see the consequence of flying too slow or too fast. We will be using the Condor simulator program on our home computers, each flying the same short, simple task (17.4 NM), with only two turnpoints.

    Antelope Vly Start
    TP 1 = Bear Vly
    TP 2 = 20/16
    Finish = 3 Sisters (elevation 1925ft)

    Start at 5,000 ft. (release at 5,400 ft with right angle turn to start)Finish terrain elevation is 1,925 ft. (no min altitude specified)
    Delta is 3,475 ft (5400 - 1925) (that's the amount to lose in the glide over the 17.4 nm task )
    edit.. (but track distance will be closer to 18.4 due to need to overfly each tp to make the turns.)

    Finish terrain elevation is 1,925 ft. (no min altitude specified)
    Wind is calm. Air is stable.

    Learning Outcome (given that all fly same equipment):

    - Speed achieved depends on weight
    - given same weight ship to each pilot, and knowing the best STF fastest speed depends on ability to fly a steady speed.

    Remainder of original post deleted - Rationale: KISS (keep it simple s).
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    Re: Let's schedule a Condor contest for beginners at WSC

    Tuesday night 5/11 debrief:

    First Condor Race Completed.

    We didn't do the "practical training" I had thought we might try - rather, we just raced.

    Pablo was able to set up the server, get everyone connected and off we went.

    Missing was the pilots meeting, the weather briefing, the presentation of the task sheet and study of the task, the Safety briefing, no final task brief on the grid, before launch, etc. We probably need a zoom meeting before the race to make it more realistic.

    There were eight pilots at this event, and all had positive comments.

    Well done Pablo.
    Peter Kelly

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