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Thread: Let's schedule a Condor contest for beginners at WSC

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    Let's schedule a Condor contest for beginners at WSC

    Condor2 is a glider flight simulator app.
    This morning I phoned Pablo and he took the time to connect with me on the computer via the Discord web page. We updated our Condor programs to version 2.1.6, and then he had me hosting the two of us on a quick task.
    Start 5,000 over Antelope, turn Indian Vly Res Dam, finish 3 Sisters, all land safely to the south at Antelope.
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    A single thermal task. Excellent experience. Thanks Pablo for getting me hooked up.

    I can see how this will be a good learning tool, and I'm eager to try it out with a group. Using Discord will certainly provide training in radio discipline - assuming there are five or six of us flying together.

    We should agree on a parameters, like join within 5 minutes, start within 5 minutes of each other, etc. I suggest if you are new to racing, just skip the first turnpoint (TP). Let's break the task into two parts.

    We'll all stop at St John (orbit in the area, watch for traffic, etc.) and then, we all start about the same time from near St John and then race to the finish. Those who haven't raced may skip the Montgomery TP.

    Attached is the task - Antelope, Ind. Res Dam, etc. - see attached .fpl file
    Weather is Very strong thermals, cloud base @ 9,000 with an Inversion at 13,000, wind etc.. see flight plan attached.
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    I'll be ready to assist with the hosting in May... Maybe May 11th?. This is a very tentative date. If you're interested in being a part of our first contest talk to Pablo.
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