A few thoughts from Monday’s soaring…

The RASP looked good enough for some ok spring soaring, but I had similar concerns about the day after seeing the early morning clouds. What changed my mind was looking at the water vapor upper satellite loop: https://www.star.nesdis.noaa.gov/GOE...d=08&length=48 which showed the high-medium clouds moving out to the east.

It was a very interesting day with very fickle fast cycling thermals with a lot of clouds lying and a small lift band working between 6,ooo - 7,200’. I think, the lift was a little fickle do to the east-northeast winds and light western winds. Basically, not enough wind to really drive the lift cycle. I spent more time than I wanted looking up at the Goat Mountain ridge. It was a good day for tuning up thermaling techniques and reading the sky; trying to get in sync with the lift cycle all day...

The flight is on OLC for your viewing pleasure (https://www.onlinecontest.org/olc-3....l?dsId=8299424).

Noelle sent me this cross section of part of my flight which tells the story of the day of my pinecone inspecting flight:
Click image for larger version. 

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