A reminder that we are in the peak WSC distance season. that is late April to late July, but often because of the cooler air aloft, it's really May & June that see the longest WSC flights. So spend the time to have Ox topped up, your onboard kit current, work & family commitments minimized, and be thinking big.

Why is this time e
specially good? In short:
- Unstable air: Fronts are still coming thru frequently and the upper air (5k-18k) is cold. After early June, fronts become few and far between, so the aforementioned upper air gets warmer,
- Surface heating: From now thru July, the surface is getting 95-100% of peak solar energy (100% on the summer solstice, June 23 or so) to promote thermals
- Long Days: 14+ hours long now, so close enough to the longest day of 14.9 hours on the summer solstice (Sacramento)

As reference, the northern hemisphere at 40 degrees latitude on the summer solstice gets 11.65 kWh/m2; on the equinox, 7.95kWh/m2, and in the dead of winter at the winter solstice, 3.76kWh/m2.