The ground surface temps must be considered, but with the proper precautions and pacing, there are plenty of rewards once you get above 6,000 ft - the air is cool, turbulence minimal to none, ten knot thermals under persistent cu are common.

Ben reported that yesterday (Saturday) was far better than today but I was not at all disappointed in today's conditions.
Phil in OJ was first up and marked the thermals for us. I was next , but was at 7,000 when Matt in J3 went past me on tow. He too marked the thermals west of Goat and they were good ones. It was the first time my 13 yr old granddaughter flew a glider but she managed to get us up to about 8,500 - good enough altitude to get to us to Snow. Good climb over snow and we monitored our 30 minute time limit above 12,500 as we cruised up to Black Butte home again.

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It's always impressive to review the flight in such detail.

OLC Flight information - Peter Kelly (US) - 27.06.2021 (