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Thread: Fwd: [hgcgroup] Ugly discovery about InReach failure mode

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    Fwd: [hgcgroup] Ugly discovery about InReach failure mode

    Earlier today from the Hollister Gliding Club forum by Kurt Thams (Kurt is a long time soaring pilot with a Carat and RV)
    >> tl;dr means "too long, didn't read" ;^)

    ---- From Kurt ----

    tl;dr If you have an InReach, you need to sync the device occasionally, especially if you have changed Contacts, QuickText, or Preset Messages on your Explore account. Failure to do so can cause the device to silently drop messages to contacts whose phone numbers are stored in your device.

    This weekend I asked a friend to watch for my checkin since I was landing in the desert on a remote strip.

    I messaged him upon landing using my InReach, saying I was okay. The device silently dropped the message.

    He did not get the message, and was trying to figure out how to send help. I got no indication of the failure; as far as I knew, he knew I was okay. Obviously, had it been the inverse, had I been asking him for help, this would have been even a worse scenario.

    -- kurt

    from Garmin customer support:

    After adding or editing Contacts, QuickText, or Preset Messages on your Explore account you will need to sync your inReach with inReach Sync to ensure your information is up to date on the device. This also keeps the device properly working. This is not the same as syncing with the Earthmate App. Syncing with the inReach Sync program can fix some bugs that the Earthmate app can not. I have attached a link that will walk you through updating and using inReach Sync with your device. Doing this can possibly fix your issue. We do recommend syncing regularly, especially before any big trip. We also suggest testing your device before any outing. I have attached a link to our support center that will walk you through the process.

    Updating inReach Firmware and Syncing Account Changes with inReach Sync

    Contacts from time to time can become out of sync on your account due to changes in the system, physical changes to contacts, contact tables on the back end getting out of sync, changes on the device, etc. SOS & System Test messages are not affected because they are permanent on the account and will never change. Syncing the unit simply looks for and corrects any errors it finds within the system allowing the messages to then be successfully sent.
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    Re: Fwd: [hgcgroup] Ugly discovery about InReach failure mode

    Good stuff Kemp!
    I received an email from Garmin a couple months ago telling me to update the firmware on my Inreach Mini. I've deactivated my account until next flying season, so I'll take care of that when I reactivate the account. Now my spring to-do checklist has been updated to include syncing and updating my Inreach.
    Thank you!

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