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Thread: 2022 Winter Webinar

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    2022 Winter Webinar

    Happy New Year Everyone!!

    It is time of year again, the slow winter season where we all sit around and dream of summertime could streets, while gazing out the window of our beautiful California homes watching the rain or snow come down for the first time in what feels like forever. although we would all rather be running a Mendicino convergence line at 13,000 Feet all the way to the Trinities, the winter season may be the most important of all of the soaring seasons. The Winter provides the perfect opportunity to reset and prepare for the next soaring season!! This time of year is perfect for reflection on years past, catch up on logbooks (not that any of us get behind), get your Maintenace done in the best shop on the west coast with Schaeffer Aviation, and most importantly gather together and share knowledge and stories learned this past year!!

    This year we will be leading the charge in the knowledge sharing. This year we will be hosting 4 Winter Webinars via Zoom. The VSA staff has lined up some a few world class speakers (and Ben) to lead you through topics we hope all of you will enjoy being a part of. We have tried to touch every topic from Wave and Sky reading all the way down to pre and pos flight analysis to help tune you up or give you new tools to utilize in the 2022 Soaring season.

    This Year's Schedule includes:

    Pete Alexander: Dissecting The Sky And Finding The Energy Lines (Part 2)
    -Pete has had various opportunities to fly with some wonderful coaches and pilots over the past two decades. He will share their tips, insights, strategies, a few stories, and a cornucopia of eye-catching photos of the energy lines in the sky from on the Mendocinos and across the globe.

    Kempton Izuno: Techniques for working XC wave
    -To cover finding the spot, maximizing climb rate, and transitioning from one spot to the next.

    Dennis Linnekin: Avoiding Your Worst Soaring Day
    -Thoughts on preventing and avoiding common pitfalls in cross-country soaring and sailplane racing.
    Ben Mayes: Planning for Success & Working Through the Aftermath
    -Ben will walk through the process of planning a Cross Country or Racing Task, walk through the flight and most importantly review the flight afterwards helping to build and learn from each experience, As well as lay out some different training techniques for pilots of all levels.

    All Webinars will begin at 5:30 and should last Approximately 1 Hour with time for Q&A at the end.
    We will open the zoom calls at 5:00 PM to allow discussion amongst friend prior to each personation.
    If there are specific questions that would like to be asked to a speaker prior to the presentation please email me at

    As always VSA Members attend these webinars for free, all other attendees will be $30 each presentation however you can sign up for the VSA at any point!!

    VSA dues are $20 a year. If you do not know if you are currently on the VSA list please email Ben or Teddy.

    Dues can be paid to the VSA Via Cash or check next time you are at Williams.

    We look forward to seeing everyone at the first webinar! Links will be sent out the Friday before the personation.

    Happy New Year!!

    Ben Mayes
    VSA President
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    Re: 2022 Winter Webinar

    Hey everyone, the link to the sign up sheet is down below! Please fill out the required fields and send it in to get registered. I hope to see you all there!

    Ted Reynolds,
    VSA Secretary/Treasurer

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    Re: 2022 Winter Webinar

    A sneak peak from my presentation:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Pete Alexander -- 98

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    Re: 2022 Winter Webinar

    Will we get the link to the webinar in an email?

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    Re: 2022 Winter Webinar

    Yes. Look for an email from Ted Reynolds on January 13, 2022@ 3:29 pm towards the bottom of the email.
    Pete Alexander -- 98

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