Dear Friends

I'm throwing my hat in the ring for the next available US team committee slots. I would really appreciate you all taking the time to read my candidacy bio, and voting for me in the SSA elections underway right now at

The US is being left behind compared to the rest of the world in terms of preparation, support, financing and pilot development. We have talented pilot material but not the pilot development programs in place to build successful teams at the world level. And we have largely sat by and watched this happen over the years. My own experiences at the World level have compelled me to act in whatever way I can to help resolve these issues.

There have been many discussions about the issues over the years but they all have one thing in common - they admire the problem and discuss it at length but do not synthesize any solutions or plans for improvement. That's where I can add value (and have already started) as one of my core strengths is creating solutions to difficult problems. I work well with others, and together with John Cochrane I have co-authored a document for improving our soaring system, both at the US contest level and the International preparation level.

This document is available to read on one of my blogs at

I'd appreciate any feedback, support, comments on the content. It forms the starting point for my work with the US Team committee on this goal if returning the US to prominence on the World Competition scene.

I do believe we have a real problem with reduced numbers in contest flying, and how we bring on up and coming pilots in our sport. I am a strong supporter of increased use of handicapping (where it makes sense) and the Club class. My blog displays the key root-cause issues and identifies real-world things we can do NOW to start improving US competition soaring. It has received encouragement from the current US team committee and John and I are now exploring the implications of the proposed changes against a database of historical contest and pilot results , in order to test things out and take the proposal to the next level.

I have enclosed my candidacy description below - please dont hesitate to email me at to discuss or give your feedback.


Peter Deane
US Standard Class 2010, 2012
LS8 "2T"

Peter Deane (52), has been flying sailplanes since 1986 and has approximately 2200 hours in gliders over 25 years. Learning to fly at Hummingbird Haven in California in a Blanik, he progressed on to the Ka-8 (1st cross country), Pilatus, HP-14 , ASW20 and now his Standard Class LS8-a. He has numerous Regional championship wins in regions 11 & 12, and holds 1000km diploma #265 as well as the National 750km O&R speed record for all classes set in his LS8 in 2002. He has flown in 8 National championships including Standard, 15m, 18m and Sports class, all in his 15m LS8. He has trained at St Auban and Lusse. He participated in his first World Championships for the US Standard Class in 2010 and will compete in the next Standard Class PreWorlds and World Championships in Argentina.

Peters over-arching goal is to return the US to 'Top 5' International competitive standing and believes that promoting youth and Club class and greater use of handicapping is one of the long term keys to rebuilding both our national competitive scene and our international competitiveness.

Peter has already co-authored a significant proposal for an improved pilot selection and pilot development process for the US team and has the energy, experience, creativity and enthusiasm to make a positive difference to the US team committee. In addition he will work toward a stronger training and mentoring infrastructure to prepare US pilots for the world stage. Peter has worked with US IGC representatives to protect US international competitive interests, and as a contributing member of the US Team committee, Peter will work hard to extend this activity.

Peter is based in the San Francisco Bay area and has been heavily involved in promoting cross country and fun weekend racing in Region 11, starting and running the Pacific Area Soaring Council (PASCO) Inter-Club League, and has served on the PASCO board for over 15 yrs in a variety of roles including President. He was awarded the Les Arnold Award for service to Soaring in 2008. Peter is an Engineer and Technologist in the electronics industry, He and his wife of 28 years, Katrina, are the proud parents of daughters Emma (23) and Hayley (21)