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Thread: Get emails of new Posts - How to Subscribe to a forum

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    Get emails of new Posts - How to Subscribe to a forum

    How to Subscribe to a Forum

    1. You must be a Registered User to "Subscribe" to a forum and receive email updates of new postings.
    2. Select the Forum, such as "News & Discussion" and Click to open that Forum Section.
    3. Once you are in the forum of choice, look for the Menu item on the above right of the Forum list labeled "Forum Tools"
    4. Click on "Forum Tools" and the select "Subscribe to This Forum"
    5. A new page will open in your user Profile Page, labeled "Subscribe to Forum: News & Discussion".

    • Click on "Notification Type" drop down menu and select the type of notice that you wish.
    • Through My Control Panel Only - Puts latest posts in once place, Your Control Panel so you can read them all in one place.
    • Daily Updates by Email - you are sent an email of New Posts. Once you receive an email, you will not get another one telling you newer posts until you Login to view the forum.
    • Weekly Updates by Email - sends a consolidated update of Posted Messages.

    Once you subscribe to a Forum, it will appear in your Profile Settings under "My Subscriptions". You can "Unsubscribe" there with one click.
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