Hi all

Our Argentinian Team friends are getting down to the wire on finding a 18m glider to fly at the World Champs this summer (July 28-Aug 19th)

If there is anyone with a reasonably competitive 18m glider who cant/wont be flying for late July/August time period the Argentinian team would be very interested in renting your glider. Driving from CA to Texas and back would not be a problem for them. Rental for 3 weeks would gain you about $4500 so would pay a big chunk of your ownership /loan or gliding costs.

Please let me know ASAP at peter.deane@sbcglobal.net and I can put you in touch with the Argentinian team and US based Argentine helpers (english speaking not a problem)

Please consider this to help out our international cooperation for the Flagship WGC to be held this year in the USA!

Best Regards

Peter Deane (2T)