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Thread: Monday Walker Wave Day

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    Monday Walker Wave Day

    I towed Matt up in JH around 1pm to Walker. He found the Wave pretty quick and called back. Once I landed we opened the Williams Soaring Center - South Wave Window to 23,000. He climbed from 17,000 to 19,000 within a 15 minute period and was still climbing in good wave.

    More to follow.

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    Re: Monday Walker Wave Day

    Today looked like it might be a good pre-frontal, windy convergence day. However, while on tow, I noticed a really well formed Lenny over Walker. I towed underneath and found 3 knots of widespread, smooth wave lift. I passed the cloud at 12K and noticed more wave clouds forming over the Northern Mountains. I continued up and requested the South Wave Window. With clearance to FL 230, I continued up to 22K. I was unprepared for high alt, wearing only shorts and a tee shirt, but fortunately had O2. With a little bit of frozen condensation forming on the inside of my cannopy I decided to decend to warmer air. I flew to the South end of the window, spun it down below 18K and then continued Southbound. I was in and out of wave down Vaca Ridge. Thanks to the recent post on contacting Travis I made a call while Southbound. After they questioned the altitude of my "glider" twice, "yes one-five thousand" they gave me a transponder code and switched me to Norcal Approach given my alt. They seemed to appriciate the call and it was good expirience for me, having had little radio use outside of 123.3. I turned around just past Lagoon Valley in Vacaville at 14.5K and then raced back to WSC where I now found wave working directly over the gliderport with lenticulars spread across the valley. It was getting late and I had to head home so I brought it in for a windy landing and the end of a nice surprise wave day.


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    Re: Monday Walker Wave Day

    Fantastic - I got goosebumps just reading your posting.


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