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Thread: What are you, crazy?

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    What are you, crazy?

    A Christmas wish to all,

    So why would anyone want to take a tow, and then worry about having enough altitude to get to a place where they could land safely? Why get into the glider in the first place? Why even try to fly? If it's not for the convenience of rapid transportation, why get into any kind of airplane? Like they say- "It's complicated" or not say - because it really isn't complicated.

    • So Why does a six year old try to learn how to ride a two wheeler. Certainly he knows from previous tries that he is going to fall and get bruises, maybe even bloody.
    • Why does a mature older person go on a road trip type of vacation, driving 50 to 60 MPH over country roads and even going at speeds over 75 mph on the interstate. One wrong move and he/she could be killed instantly.
    • Why would a person not only take a train ride on an old fashioned train, and even put their head out the window and have the wind blow in their hair as he/she chugged along at nearly 50 mph?
    • Why would a person ever get on a motorcycle, on one of our dangerous highways, when they have the option of getting into a large four door sedan, with seat belts, airbags, all sorts of additional crash protection - as compared to a motorcycle.

    Not using my words, but leaving you to answer each of the above; allowing you to phrase it in your own words, we can undoubtedly agree that we all like to fly gliders for the "joy" of it. A simple three letter, ill defined word.

    So maybe, just maybe, we can all start from the same place when it comes to how to fly safely.

    • We fly for the joy of it.
    • We undoubtedly can agree that good judgment, and good decision making is required to fly safely (as in - not hurt yourself, or damage any equipment).
    • We can also probably agree that certain knowledge levels and motor skills must be developed/ achieved in order to fly safely, but here we may need to define terms.

    People fly gliders for different reasons. A person who has no flying experience, and has always had their feet firmly planted on the ground, would get a lot of joy out of flying on an orientation ride - people do it every day.
    Glider Rides Here!
    People experience the joy of soaring with limited knowledge and motor skill development.

    Next level is - you take some flying lessons and then you want to master the landings.
    Get those landings figured out (well enough under, benign conditions) and next thing you know, you want to lean to soar, then to stay up for a long time ( five or six hours even), then go far (first 30 miles, then 100 and then several hundred miles at a time). And, next thing you know you are trying to race.
    What are you, crazy? Don't you know it's dangerous to fly gliders? And so the circle continues.

    It's like budget problems or gun control - to cite a couple of challenging issues - which of course are not challenging questions at all for those obnoxious people who just want you to adopt their solution to such problems. Yup - just raise taxes/ reduce spending/ get rid of the guns/ get good people with more guns to protect us from the bad people with guns, etc. etc.

    So we can probably agree that how to fly safely is complicated.

    It is probably best if each of us who choose to continue to experience the "joy of soaring", that we each recognize that we must maintain a continual level of dialogue with other like minded people.

    If we want to continue to experience the joy of soaring - without having accidents, we need to stay engaged.

    Do your part. Pay your dues in the community by expressing yourself and sharing your thoughts on how to enjoy soaring and at the same time - do it safely.

    Merry Christmas, 2012
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    Re: What are you, crazy?

    Very well put, Peter! My thoughts exactly.
    My bumper sticker says it all: "Soar to live, live to soar".

    Happy Holidays,


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    Re: What are you, crazy?

    Peter, good thoughts.

    For me, l consider soaring way safer than my motorcycle riding.

    I have been stuck on the landing phase for more years than I would like to admit. I have often wondered if my interest in soaring would wane. I think my struggles with my inability to master the uncertainties of landings were part of what dampened my enthusiasm.

    The other parts were trying to figure out geography, weather and regulations. In school, I never did well in science. Finally this year I am getting my arms around this better.

    Taking lessons and ground school is helping me to get over the hump. Without it, I would be sunk. Interestingly, experiencing different instructors has been a big help. 2013 should be a good year for me.

    I appreciate all the encouragement my fellow pilots have given me. It's meant a lot. Happy New Year everyone!

    Tom Jue
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    Re: What are you, crazy?

    Very well said, Peter

    We human do a lot of "crazy" things, like flying and getting married.

    But, life is life if we do what we feel in our hearts.


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