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Thread: Review of accidents, and good flight and not such good flights

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    Review of accidents, and good flight and not such good flights

    This is the fourth thread addressing the issue of learning from other people's mishaps, and sharing our own mishaps.
    the first thread was on 12/19/12
    Things we could learn from the review of accidents

    next was on 12/23/12
    What are you, crazy?A Christmas wish to all,

    next was on - 12/29/12
    "NNF Report - "with a date"?

    Comments and suggestions were made, and I have evolved to this newest stage. I have set up a section on the VSA web site where we can place reports of both good and not such good flights. On the VSA site

    see "Other"
    and under that you will see "Flight Reports"
    and under that you will see "Good Flights" and "Lessons Learned/ Re-learned"

    "Good Flights" - a place we can publish (and copy and paste previously published) routine flight reports. In order to post to this page, you will need to sign in to the site, and you are asked to place your name at the top of the posting, so we know who wrote it. If there is a lesson to be learned from this Good Flight, then editorialize and tell us what lesson we can learn from that flight.

    The second folder is a place flight for reports of flights that did not go as planned - and therefore would serve as an illustration of how to avoid making certain mistakes a second time. I have called this second folder/ page "Lessons Learned/ Re-learned" This second page or folder would also be the place we would place our version of an accident or incident that we heard about. You don't need to be accurate on your version of the facts, but you are using a story to tell about a lesson we all should learn from the story you are telling. Although you are required to log on to the web site and although the page will have your username recorded on the date you post you name will not be associated with that particular posting. I am asking people not to identify people, including themselves on that page. Just tell your version of a story or flight report and place it on the page leave it anonymously. You will not need to defend your opinion, since no one will know who wrote it, but other editors will probably post their agreement or disagreement with your posting.

    Maybe we can all learn from your opinion.

    Every member of VSA is in fact designated as an editor of pages on that site. If you don't yet have your own user name and password, drop me an email and I'll provide you with that info. For pilots who fly only occasionally at WSC and you name is not on the list of paid members, but you contribute to these Forum Pages and are active pilots who can contribute to our safe flying, then you too are editors. The names: Lee, Ramy, Aaron, etc. all come to mind.

    Paraphrasing what I said in one of my postings cited above:

    ... we can probably agree that how to fly safely is complicated. It is best if we each recognize that we must maintain a continual level of dialogue with other glider pilots if we want to continue to experience the joy of soaring. We need to stay engaged. Do your part. Pay your dues in the community by expressing yourself and sharing your thoughts on how to enjoy soaring and at the same time - do it safely.

    Go to this link to post your lesson learned flights and stories...
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