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Thread: How to post videos & copyright issues for YouTube?

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    How to post videos & copyright issues for YouTube?

    Hi Larry,

    How can I post acro videos that YouTube will not accept due to possible copyright issues?
    Can I post using videos that are in DropBox?
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    Re: YouTube Music copyright issues

    YouTube has started blocking video links for those that have copy righted music. Sometimes they just mute the sound, other times they block the video.

    If you want to have links to your video, and not have it blocked or the sound removed by YouTube there are 2 choices:

    1) Link to external videos on your own personal file location, such as Dropbox, another website, or other shared location.
    2) Use music files that are "royalty free". Some are free, some you must purchase,

    The problem with unknown "Royalty Free" music is that you have to do a lot or listening to fiqure what you like so you can select it, whereas, if you use a popular song, the research is not necessary.
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