A high pressure day - not much soaring to be had, but I had a day off and wanted to get in the air. Noelle towed me to S Goat and I found one thermal on the way back
to WSC. I did gain about 600 feet in the tiny feisty thing, but then lost it and could not find it again. The drift from the smoke in the valley was changing every 200 - 300 feet - it was a real zig-zag pattern, and the air was bouyant, but no organized lift.

Mt Shasta and Mt Lassen were visible, and the snow level was clearly defined on the mts - I could see the white line up the Mendo's, across the top of the valley, and on the Sierra in the east. It was a nice view.

Rick Indrebo reported in from Crazy Creek to say they had lift over Boggs, but that was about it.