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Thread: RSVP info - VSA Race Day 5 - Saturday, Sept. 21st

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    RSVP info - VSA Race Day 5 - Saturday, Sept. 21st

    VSA Race Day 5 - Saturday, Sept. 21st

    The day will start with a pilot's meeting in the morning (with Cora's coffee cake, of course), munchies to nibble on in the afternoon upon landing, then a casual dinner of Burgers, Brats, and salad at 6:00ish, followed with dessert and coffee.

    Dinner contribution is $15.00 - Cash preferred, no credit cards please - payable in office before dinner. Please pay early in the day so office staff can join you for the festivities.

    RSVP to,, or call the Gliderport at 530-473-5600.

    As always; come early, spend the day soaring, then spend the evening sharing stories, comparing scores, and toasting the winner!!

    Congratulations to our winners so far:

    • Race Day 1 - Marianne Guerin
    • Race Day 2 – “We didn't have any losers - but no winners either. We had 7 or 8 pilots participating, but no one was able to complete the minimum course.” as quoted from PK’s post on the forum 4-13-2013
    • Race Day 3 - Luke Ashcraft
    • Doc Mayes Memorial – Peter Kelly
    • Race Day 4 – Peter Kelly

    Come out and play!!!........ Looking forward to seeing everyone again!!

    RSVP List as of 9/20/2013 @ 13:55

    Alexander, Pete
    Ash, Kevin
    Farnsworth, Ginny
    Freidrich, Walter
    Izuno, Kempton
    Kelly, Peter
    Knowles, Cora
    Mayes Family
    Skuzinski, Ed

    Dinner - 12
    Flying - 4
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    Re: RSVP info - VSA Race Day 5 - Saturday, Sept. 21st

    I've been catching up by reading about all of the great flights over the past few days. This certainly has been a good stretch of nice soaring conditions. I hope it continues for a bit longer.

    Yes Cora, I plan to be there for the next Race day. Put me on the RSVP list for a tow and for dinner, thank you. If you don't mind, I'll add a few comments about this past weekend to your thread.

    I started out reading about the flights from Hollister, since those emails are the first to show up, then checking OLC and then browsing the Forum here at Williams. Lots of "wow!" to marvel at. It all sure motivates me to come out and fly.

    Good flying by lots of pilots. Viewing the flights - one after the other on OLC... it was fascinating.

    I was up at Lake Tahoe with family, snapping pictures of the sky - as I was sure there wold be some great flights on such a beautiful day - and I was missing it all!

    I looked at Sergio's flight down to Mt Whitney, and sure enough, I have some photos to match his flight.

    Sergio- C2 had been towed out of Truckee and was in this blue sky over Mt Rose at 12:35 ( time of this photo matches his flight trace) (He departed Mt Rose at 3500 meters (11,500 ft) at 12:34 heading east across the north end of Carson Valley))

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	MtRose-1237.jpg 
Views:	232 
Size:	103.4 KB 
ID:	1139

    Behind those beautiful people from Florida in the foreground (my sister Michele and Brother-in-law Tim) is Mt Rose off the north end of Lake Tahoe. No clouds to be seen. Sergio is in that photo, but much to my chagrin, I am unable to zoom in to see him- due to the low resolution - only at 10 megapixels.

    By 2 PM Sergio was at the south end of the Pine Nuts and was just departing from below the cu that you see in this photo (just above the sail boat mast) - those same two people in the foreground (who think I am snapping photos of them).

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	S-P-Nuts-2PM.jpg 
Views:	191 
Size:	67.4 KB 
ID:	1140

    At 2:10 PM I snapped a shot of the nice looking cu going south towards Mt Patterson. Sergio is in this photo too, crossing over Topaz Lake to run the Sierra Nevada Mtns. down to Whitney as he traveled from left to right in this photo - under these clouds. What a good day! Other than these clouds, it was apparently blue on the Mendocino Mtns out of Williams and on the coastal range going south to Santa Barbara from Hollister. Lots of good flights. Thanks to all the pilots for posting their flight recording traces and for sharing their comments.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	c-S-Patterson-2PM.jpg 
Views:	196 
Size:	140.6 KB 
ID:	1141

    I'll let you all research the other flight recording traces, but good flights by Matt, Larry, Ginny, Sergio, Darren, Ramy, Buzz, and all the others - from Williams, Hollister, and Truckee.

    Here is the trace from Sergio's flight recorder...
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	sergio-9-8.PNG 
Views:	209 
Size:	291.4 KB 
ID:	1142

    Like Ramy said on the Hollister site: +/- ... Darren and Sergio proved that the smoke was not an issue on the Sierras on Sunday....

    See you all on the next Race day - let's hope is stays good. In the meantime - maybe we can get some good flights this next weekend as well.
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    Peter Kelly

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    Re: RSVP info - VSA Race Day 5 - Saturday, Sept. 21st

    Time to RSVP for Race Day 5 - see you there!

    Kemp has posted an early weather analysis, which looks positive. He says potential wave in AM and valley soaring to follow. Sounds good!

    Who's coming out to fly, to race, to socialize, to share a BBQ dinner, beer and flight report?
    Ginny Farnsworth G3
    Past President
    Valley Soaring Association

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    Re: RSVP info - VSA Race Day 5 - Saturday, Sept. 21st

    Add Kemp & Walter Freidrich to the flight and dinner list, pls.
    ASH-25 (FNX)

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