Great day today - Dale in the ASW 23, Franz in the Duo with Ed, and I flew G3. Not sure who else was in the air, but there were some students who had some pretty nice soaring.

This has been a phenomenal season for beautiful cloud formations, and today was no exception. I took a tow at about 2 PM, Kevin Ash piloting the tow plane, and we flew through a lot of lift before I got off at 2,700 on the windward edge of a cloud street.

It took me a while to get high enough to contact the wave, but when I did it was very sweet flying.

There was wave to the east of Cortina ridge, about half way between Highway 20 gap and Rumsey Gap. I took it to 9,500 - looking down on gorgeous cloudscapes, and looking at the Caypay valley through an arch of clouds. A fairy tale photo (too bad I did not have my camera )

Winds were varied at different altitudes, but mainly 240 - 280 at 10 - 25 knots.

Beautiful day - thanks to all who made it happen.