To be clear on what to look for in a WSC west wind wave:

- DIRECTION / TIMING: All day (not night time!) 240-280 degrees flow
- STRENGTH PROFILE: 15knots min. @ 5,000 ft. (850mb), 30-40 knots@ 11,000ft (700mb), 60-70 knots@ 18,000 (500mb)
- MOISTURE: All day 50-70% Rel humidity for wave clouds
- OTHER: No rain during the day or the previous day so the runway is usable.
- OTHER: High confidence that all this stuff will happen!

The goal is cross country mileage, so you need an obvious (marked) all day wave, across the Mendos from Vacaville to T16, and be able to launch and land @ WSC. Hope that helps everyone's view on the situation….