I have been looking at the wind parallel and 700 vert velocity products in RASP.

Here is an interesting thing that you don't see too often.
The wind at 10,000 ft on either side of the convergence line is 180 degree oppopsed. That is, at 10,000 ft, the wind is going east on one side of the thermal and west on the other side, at more than 10 knots and for distinces of well over 10 miles.

I found it very interesting.

The things we learn from Dr Jack's products!

1. First is the convergence line and then the cross section of the air mass, showing the thermals in the N-S convergence line along the Mendos, this is near Black Butte.
2. Next is the wind at 700 mb (10,000 ft) and to the right of it an annotated graphic.
3. And, (in case you were wondering), the sounding for Black Butte for that same time does show a wind shift climbing up through 10,000 ft. That factor more than anything probably added to the situation - being two different air masses below 10,000 (one east and one west of the Mendos). But still, it makes you wonder if all of that "wind" is coming up from the thermal. The potential temps are not iso thermal, but nearly so! ( iso meaning all the same). The study of the atmosphere is so interesting.

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