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Thread: PASCO Banquet Dinner Nov. 8, 6PM Register now

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    PASCO Banquet Dinner Nov. 8, 6PM Register now

    You're Invited to the PASCO Annual Awards Banquet

    Saturday, November 8th, 2014 6:00 pm

    Please join us at the annual PASCO Meeting and Awards Banquet - held this year at the fantastic Sequoyah Country Club.
    RESERVATIONS REQUIRED (Semi-formal attire recommended)

    This year we're trying something different as we've split off the seminar portion for another time (so we can all sleep in!) and are focusing on the party. What isn't changing is our tradition of top notch dinner speakers. This year the keynote will be given by noted sailplane pilot & speaker Kempton Izuno

    When: November 8, 2014 6 pm

    Schedule of Events:

    • 6:00 pm: Cocktails
    • 7:00 pm: Dinner
    • 8:00 pm: Keynote Speaker Kempton Izuno
    • 9:00 pm: Awards

    In The Moment Vignettes: Tales from the Back Seat

    Kempton shares highlights (and low lights) of seven years of 2 seat cross country mentoring. Coaching other pilots brings a new and enjoyable perspective to his soaring, much to his surprise. He's shared notes with a couple other like minded mentors, so it won't all be Kemp's thoughts..... Be prepared, you may be one of the highlighted co-pilots!

    Sequoyah Country Club Clubhouse dress code
    4550 Heafey Rd
    Oakland, CA 94605 Directions Map

    Dinner Options:

    • Grilled Chicken Breast, Feta Cheese, Oregano Lemon Jus
    • Grilled Pacific Salmon - Champagne Beurre Blanc
    • Marinated Flank Steak, Mushroom Demi
    • Vegetarian

    Cost: $30 per person payable at the door by check or cash.

    Reservations Required
    Please make reservations as quickly as possible, but not later than by October 31st by:

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    ~ Larry Roberts

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    Re: PASCO Banquet Dinner Nov. 8, 6PM Register now

    Also dont forget to submit your nominations for the awards. We already passed the deadline but I will collect nominations till the end of the week:

    Please send your submissions and nominations for
    PASCO 2014 awards

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Dear PASCO Members:

    The PASCO Awards Banquet is coming up on November 8th.

    Please review the awards page on the PASCO website and send me your submissions and nominations for the following PASCO Awards by October 15:

    1 - Sawyer Award - the less experienced you are the better your chances to win it. Please see more information below.

    2 - Longest silver badge distance (pilots who got their silver badge this year please send me your submission)
    3 - Longest handicapped distance up to 3TP in region 11
    4 - Longest out and return in region 11
    5- Longest straight out distance from region 11
    6 - Exceptional service award
    7 - Les Arnold award
    8 - Safety Service Award

    9 - Most Rides Given
    10 - Most commercial rides given -This award will be presented annually
    to the pilot who gave the highest number of commercial (but non instructional) rides.

    The Sawyer award winner will be determined based on the final Region 11 OLC
    score (see multiplied by pilot factor as

    described at .

    Please note that a pilot can only win the sawyer award twice. I don't have everyone's pilot factor, so please review the OLC page above, multiply your score by your pilot factor, and if you end up in the top 5, please notify me. Note that if this is the first year you flew over 300km, your PF will be significant and you may win even if your total OLC distance is not anywhere near the top.

    Also please note that you must be a PASCO member to win the awards. It is still not too late to join PASCO and grab one of these awards.

    And last but definitely not least, please send your nomination for the
    service awards, as described at
    This is your opportunity to nominate someone who you believe deserves
    recognition for their contribution to soaring in our region.
    Trophies will be presented at the PASCO Awards Banquet on November 8th.

    Send submissions to:
    Ramy Yanetz

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    Re: PASCO Banquet Dinner Nov. 8, 6PM Register now

    Reminder, Please RSVP for the PASCO dinner. They have to give the caterer the numbers for dinner choices.

    ~ Larry Roberts

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