Sorry for the late post. The wave season has started, so last Tuesday, Oct 14, I flew with John Cochrane in the first of several fronts coming through the area. This is about 2p.
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We launched to the South, Ben towing (thanks Ben!). The forecast for a strong SW wind:
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had a number of tertiary waves into the valley. Similar to the spectacular Sept day of 2013, we were able to release at 1,800 ft., about 300 ft. too high! Right in front of one roll cloud, we climbed to a few thousand, then headed upwind over the next roll cloud. You can see I-5 on the left side:
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Working upwind, we got near Ramy flying up from Byron near Walker, but never saw him, only on FLARM. He headed south, while we worked the Snow area. Got lower, then saw the ridge cloud on St. John below:
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This climb was especially strong due to the SW wind over Snow, being reinforced by the coincidence of St. John being right there at the proper wave length.

View from 17K looking N to the St. John wave area.
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Ran down to the end of the Capay Valley, and back to WSC by sunset. A great start to the season!

The OLC flight is here: