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Thread: VSA Race Day #6 - Sat., May 30th

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    VSA Race Day #6 - Sat., May 30th

    VSA Race Day #6
    Saturday, May 30th

    Race Day #6 begins with the usual pilot’s meeting in the morning - with Cora's coffee cake of course;
    appetizers and beverages in the afternoon when the flying is done;
    then wrap up the day with dinner,
    dessert and coffee.

    Dinner contribution is $20.00
    Cash requested, no credit cards please.
    Please pay early so the office staff can also enjoy the party.
    Volunteers always appreciated - see Cora or Ginny for job assignment.

    RSVP to or call the Gliderport at 530-473-5600.

    Race Series Rules:

    2015 VSA Race Series CD will be Rex Mayes or his designee
    One class will be raced using the 2014 SSA Sports Class handicap list.
    Williams Turnpoint Database (04/28/2014) will be used.
    GPS flight recorder will be used to validate scores.
    The CD will be calling Assigned Speed or Assigned Area tasks depending upon the weather with the specific task rules each day..
    Launch time is at the discretion of the pilot and the order determined by signup board.
    The gate will open at the discretion of the CD and will be announced on 123.3
    No points will be issued for incomplete tasks.
    4 pilots must start to have a valid contest day.
    Daily prize will be issued to the winner of the day.
    Winner of the series will be calculated using best 10 out of scheduled 14 contest days.

    Contest Dates: 5/2, 5/16, 5/30, 6/27, 7/18, 8/1, 8/15, 8/29, 9/12, 9/26, 10/10 (Doc Mayes 5/2 & Oktoberfest 10/10)
    We will have Pilots Meetings every Morning at 10:30am. (If the time changes it will be announced over the PA system)
    Social Hour begins at 5pm-ish & Dinner served at 6pm-ish (depending on Soaring Conditions): $20 per person.

    RSVP as of 5-26-2015 at 19:45

    Cannon, Walt
    Darke, Jim
    Dismukes, Key
    Farnsworth, Ginny
    Gimmey, Ray
    Hayes, Charlie
    Kelly, Peter
    Knowles, Cora
    Mayes Family
    Moruzzi, David
    Pearce, Drew
    Roberts, Larry
    Wantanabe, Nina

    Dinner - 16
    Flying - 8
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    Cora J Knowles
    Valley Soaring Association

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    Re: VSA Race Day #6 - Sat., May 30th

    As an FYI, (inclement) Weather will not be a factor. No heavy moisture (or even clouds) to speak of, but the trof (mentioned earlier) is still in the fcst models, so some instability is progged as the pressure changes, but weather models are immaterial to the matter, since we are operating on a calendar model. But with the lack of pressure differentials, there may be a distinct lack of wind to channel the thermals.

    I'm looking forward to flying.

    Here is the Saturday, 30 May fcst for 11 AM at 700 mb, some 188 hours into the future:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	188hr-700mb-11am.JPG 
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    Peter Kelly

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    Re: VSA Race Day #6 - Sat., May 30th

    Dinner will be catered by La Fortuna.
    Ginny Farnsworth G3
    Past President
    Valley Soaring Association

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    Re: VSA Race Day #6 - Sat., May 30th

    Race Day #6 Task
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Task.JPG 
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    Re: VSA Race Day #6 - Sat., May 30th

    Another good Race Day, thanks Rex, Noelle, Staff, and fellow racers.
    Sun was filtered much of the day, wind never created difficulties, but coming from the SE or the SW , depending on your location at the time caused some consternation as to thermal location. I'd prefer a more prevailing southwesterly myself.
    Launch with three tow planes was quick, Key in OJ, 7V behind the cub, YE next, second wave was me in 88, then 1B and G3.
    I was off tow, mimicking what Key had said he had done and it worked for me too. 1 mile east of tree farm,
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	a-1-go look for lift.JPG 
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    climbed in 3 kts from 6 to 7-ish, searched for better air, tried to gather intel from YE, 7V and OJ, but had limited specifices, so I set out on my own to explore Snow - dumb idea.

    worked the windward side of snow at 6,000 but never having enough altitude to do a circle - only back and forth butterfly turns. I listened as Key, Ray, Jim all started...
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	a2-no luck at snow-all started but me and G3.JPG 
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ID:	2431

    The all started above 7,500 ft and then Ginny reported getting to 9ish, so I headed to goat, found the lift and was able to do a start above 9,000 ft
    Everyone else was already ahead of me. YE reported having started earlier. I was tail end charlie.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	a3-good start at over 9,000.JPG 
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ID:	2432

    The CD changed it from a 3 hr race to a 2 hr and 15 minutes, and had increased the circle around the first TP from 10 miles to 20 miles.

    I had a good run from start to the first TP. Enroute I scribbled that since I started at 2:37 I needed to land shortly after 4:52 PM
    I had calculated the I need to leave sheet Iron on final glide at a bit after 3:52, since that was a 68 mile glide.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	t1.JPG 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	t2.JPG 
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    I had caught up to Key, and had passed Ginny and Jim. I watched Key head south below me, he called his turn at 18 miles from Yolla. I planned to use more time, since I didn't want to fnish early and was not expecting any lift on final glide, so I kept heading north until I was 11 miles from Yolla. I headed south as Ginny and Jim came up and headed to the same thermal I had been in. They all turned in about that same area and headed south.

    It is a mystery as why we all read the same incorrect mileage to Yolla TP. We each knew that we needed to be within 20 miles of it and Key and I and both thought we were within 20 miles when we reversed to the south. Not certain if Ginny and Jim thought they were within 20 miles or not. That is an unsolved mystery. During the cold war (1965 to 1968 for me), the russians did meakoning along their SE coastline and when flying USAF missions along the route from Japan to Alaska we were regularly baited with false navigation beacons attempting to lure us into Russian Airspace. Maybe someone was jamming up our GPS signals (or making Yolla Peak appear closer than it really was) . Is that possible? - not a real question!! I suspect errors in software that was common to each of the gliders.

    Race was over for me at the photos finish...
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	a4-end of race 11mi NOT frm yolla.JPG 
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ID:	2435

    Not knowing I was done, I forged ahead with my action plan. I was feeling confident now. Only 7V could have a better speed than me at this point, since I was the last to start.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	a5-best climb of day to over 11k.JPG 
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ID:	2436
    Best climb of the day up to 11-ish
    then took only one turn all the way back to Snow area...
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	a6-11k-plus one circle- took me back to snow mtn.JPG 
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    I observed 7V heading north, but climbing well, so I made a 90 degree turn and used his thermal...
    then went south, and came back north
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	a7critical leg-join 7V then to g-south.JPG 
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    Peter Kelly

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    Re: VSA Race Day #6 - Sat., May 30th

    I just needed to hit the southern edge of the Black Butte circle and I'd be on final glide.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	a8-final50 minutes.JPG 
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ID:	2439

    I was precisely on schedule on altitude and on time.

    4:10 PM to 5PM a good final glide, no turns, accelerating above 60 to 65 kts or so only during the last couple of miles.

    My entire flight was high - except fort the time spent on the south end of Snow before the start.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	pk-profile.JPG 
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ID:	2440

    The flight log itself:
    (Note: You will see that Russ is listed as the pilot on this log, but I had selected my self as the pilot prior to launch and it had displayed my name as the pilot when I checked it later in flight. I can't explain the mysteries of that nav equipment.)


    In any case, it was a fun day and I felt totally exhausted 30 minutes after landing.
    Even after I was informed about my malfunctioning nav gear, I remained in good spirits.
    I was hoping the others had enjoyed as much as I did, however, as it turned out, I think Ray was the one and only one to complete the course. It is always more fun for everyone when most participants complete the course, that's for certain.
    But it was good to fly again with everyone. I only hope that Key, Jim, Ginny and Larry all had as much enjoyment as I did.

    Edit several days later: Mystery Solved!
    Nav gear was not malfunctioning. Operator Error.
    When tasks are set into clear nav as "area tasks", the distance given to target is to the ring, not to the next turn point.
    Pilots using clear nav and thinking then were 18 miles from the TP were really 28 miles from the TP and 18 miles to a 10 mile ring. Lesson learned the hard way.
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    Peter Kelly

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