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Thread: 2016 Williams Database Update

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    2016 Williams Database Update

    When I announced that a revision to the Williams database was underway and asked for input, there were relatively few respondents – Russel Pillard, Larry Roberts, and Peter Kelly. Russ was the first to respond so I promptly enlisted his services. He was a big help. I thank him.

    Updates are now complete and available for downloading on the Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange (WWSTX) at any of the following web sites -

    My apology for this being such a long post, but some explanation is needed.

    The coordinates for Guinda, Hell’er High Water and Mysterious Valley were adjusted slightly (less than 100 yards) to better reflect their actual position. Russ was a big help here and looked at every data point closely in Google Earth. If there are any locational discrepancies remaining, it is because I introduced them in transposing his work. The McClellan Class C turnpoint was removed because that Class C airspace no longer exists. Turnpoints were NOT renumbered.

    Probably the most significant changes for this year were in turnpoint classification and attribute values. A turnpoint classification is the ‘R-#’(Runway on the sectional), ‘E-#’ (Emergency Landing area) or ‘U-#’(Unlandable) that you see at the end of a turnpoint name. 1,2, or 3 is good…7,8 or 9 is bad. I think Peter Kelly was responsible for inventing this convention many years ago when GPS was in its infancy. It works well and is still very useful. But it is a subjective judgement call made based on apparent conditions at one particular date/time and subject to change. It is critical to remember this.

    The attribute value tells your flight computer whether to consider the place landable or not – but you don’t see the attribute on your display. An “A” attribute was assigned to all turnpoints that were currently shown as airports in the FAA database and a “L” attribute was assigned to all turnpoints that were thought to be potentially landable areas or unpublished airstrips. Does this mean that if your computer shows you to be above glide for an airport or landing strip that it is a good bet to land there? Of course not. It means only that the place might be better than nearby rocks or trees. For renters, another important consideration is whether the aircraft owner (aka WSC) wants the ship to be landed at that particular place. The classifications and attribute values in the database were made as a guide to all pilots and do not reflect WSC rental policy.

    I welcome constructive criticism and will collect suggestions for the next edition, but don’t plan on any more revisions soon unless there is some egregious error or important new data that comes to light.
    Jim D. - 1B

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    Re: 2016 Williams Database Update

    Thanks for doing this Jim. If I see any issues I will let you know.


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    Re: 2016 Williams Database Update

    Thanks Jim!
    Pete Alexander -- 98

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    Re: 2016 Williams Database Update

    Jim and Russ,

    Thanks for the update, and Jim, thanks for adding the land-out code back to all the sites that may be landable.
    ~ Larry Roberts

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