PowerFLARM Rental Program

How the Rental Program Works

  1. Send Completed Rental Agreement to Williams Soaring
  2. Complete the rental agreement (PDF), sign and send to Williams Soaring Center, contact information is at the bottom of this page.

  3. Arrange Payment: $100 per contest
  4. Contact Williams Soaring to make payment of $100. Payment is accepted via Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, cash or check

  5. Receive the Rental Unit
  6. PowerFlarm units are mailed via USPS Priority Mail to where the renter chooses, by the date requested. The unit ships in a Flat Rate Medium Box (11" x 8.5" x 5.5"). Shipping and return shipping is included in the rental fee. Special shipping arrangements e.g. overnight delivery, will be charged separately.

    Keep the shipping box somewhere safe as this will be needed to return the unit.

  7. Review the PowerFLARM Manual
  8. A PowerFLARM manual is available online: PowerFLARM Manual (PDF).

    Although operation of the PowerFLARM unit is simple, pilots should read through the manual and play with the operation of the unit before attempting to use it in an aircraft.

  9. Install the PowerFLARM
  10. The unit can be mounted in the cockpit using the supplied 3M Dual Lock fastener tape or two M4 screw (not provided). The M4 screws must not exceed 10mm in length.

    ******The unit DOES NOT comes with Batteries *****

    Alternatively the unit can be powered from the aircraft electrical system (8 to 27VDC) via an RJ45 cable which is included. Further details are available in the PowerFLARM Manual (PDF).

  11. Fly!
  12. If your glider is equipped with a transponder you must use the set up mode to indicate your type of transponder and (Mode S Transponders require ICAO address to be input)

  13. Return the PowerFLARM Unit
  14. Return the rental unit to Williams Soaring within three days after the end of the contest or event. Include all the supplied items except used 3M Dual Lock tape. Use the same box the unit was shipped in and attach the supplied return label and postage sticker. When returning the PowerFlarm, you will have to take it into the post office for shipping – Do not put into a drop box!  (This is due to security reasons.  Any shipment over 15 oz. has to have verification of sender.)

You can contact Williams Soaring Center for help with your rental PowerFLARM. There are usually pilots at contests and similar events that already have experience with PowerFLARM and FLARM units who can also provide assistance. Contest organizers are also encouraged to discuss basic PowerFLARM operation in briefings for all pilots.

PowerFLARM Rental Program
Williams Soaring Center
2668 Husted Rd Williams, CA 95987-5105
phone: (530) 473-5600
email: info@williamssoaring.com